Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) has been noted as an important and successful instructional institution focusing on graduate education of KSA citizens, predominately in the health related professions, but also, in the engineering and design fields of study. Central to the realization of becoming an internationally acclaimed institution, recognized not only for excellence in instruction but also for the creation of an environment of intellectual curiosity, scholarly pursuits, scientific inquiry and discovery, is the development of programs and initiatives that are traditional pillars of productive inquiry in mature internationally reputed institutions. Amongst such pillars stands a critical research fellowship program merging higher education and research that will elevate the intellectual competitiveness of individuals for a successful career.

Post-Doctorate Fellowship Programs not only provide the Fellow with enhanced knowledge, experience and training to be a talented scholar or research scientist, but, the Institution and the Post-Graduate Program to which such fellows are recruited are benefited by the intellect, energy and knowledge of the new graduate. The Post-Doctorate Fellowship Program also serves as a breeding ground for identification and recruitment to full-time faculty.


  • To develop advance and recognize programs of excellence in Scholarly Studies and Scientific Research
  • To become an internationally recognized site providing excellent Post-Doctorate Fellowship experiences that strongly prepare the recipient fellow to be knowledgeable, experienced, well-credentialed and prepared to begin a successful career in their chosen field of scholarly output and/or scientific research.

Learning and Research Outcome 

  • Mentoring by at least one senior scholar who actively promotes the postdoc's professional development.
  • Provision of advanced specialized lectures to the Fellow on areas related to the fellowship’s scholarly studies or scientific research (hours and topics will be provided by fellowship Director/Mentor).
  • Weekly mentoring by mentor related to the scholarly study or scientific research project to which the Fellow is assigned.
  • Provision of “hand’s on” experience learning technical techniques critical to the Fellow’s assigned field of study or research.
  • Attendance to at least one international conference related to the Fellow’s field of study.
  • Co-authorship of at least 3 scholarly or scientific manuscript for submission to a peer reviewed journal relating to his/her work during the fellowship each year. 

To apply and for further info, write to: