From 2011-2018, the Deanship of Academic Development held its responsibility for professional academic development both in and out of the University with utmost importance. In the course of the Deanship’s development, considering the growing number and diverse needs of our beneficiaries, as well as the development of programs and goals, a new direction led by clear insights became a necessity for the Deanship.

Strategic planning for the future included conceptualizing the Deanship trajectory, benchmarking the best in teaching and learning, analyzing the needs of immediate stakeholders and potential beneficiaries (SWOT), researching the external and internal higher education environment, and carefully filtering the most important elements to plan the future.

Hence, after nearly a year of careful planning, it is our pleasure to present Strategic Plan 2019-2024, the first full strategic plan for the Deanship, which we believe will advance the academic community to the next stage of professional development and meet the expectations of our beneficiaries.

The Deanship of Academic Development's Strategic Plan
Published on: 03 November 2019
Last update on: 26 January 2020
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