Training Aproach

All training programs apply the principles of the Constructive Aproach and Adult Learning Models in skills acquisition. Through these principles, the beneficiaries' previous experiences and knowledge are addressed, framed according to scientific theories and the results of research studies, and projected on the real-world problems that the beneficiaries face. Training meets the needs of the beneficiaries and supports their different learning styles. During training, the training team plays the roles of facilitating learning, instead of lecturing and the traditional training methods, the training curriculum provides opportunities for beneficiaries to communicate and share their experiences, and to reflect on these experiences within a conceptual and scientific framework. The adoption of this approach aims to help beneficiaries to think critically and creatively of various issues, to deeply understand important issues, and to share their ideas in a safe training environment. Beneficiaries practice a variety of training methods, such as: large and small group discussion, problem-solving, joyful learning, hands-on training, and analysis and evaluation activities.

Published on: 24 January 2021
Last update on: 24 January 2021
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