Over the years, the Deanship of Academic Development has developed more than 70 training packages in Arabic and English. The training content covers a wide range of important topics in teaching and learning in higher education. DAD also developed the training content of the intensive programs such as Core Competencies in Teaching and Learning, Preparation for TA’s and Lecturers, and the Faculty Mentorship Certification Program.

The training topics are identified after assessing and analyzing the needs of faculty members from several sources, as follows:

  • Faculty members’ needs assessment
  • Academic leaders' surveys
  • Reports of the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation
  • Results of student evaluations of courses, professors, and academic programs
  • Benchmarking best practices in teaching and learning
  • Facilitators questionnaire (trainers)
  • Recommendations of the Deanship of Academic Development Forums.

Where can you find the training content?

The Deanship provides this content to faculty members, as well as the content of international workshops and other material (e.g., handouts, educational posters, and videos) on Blackboard.
If you are a member at IAU, you can visit the Deanship's training portal on Blackboard.

Titles of Some Training Programs

To view the full description and outcomes of each training program, you may download the Handbook of the Training Programs List (PDF)

Training Programs in English Language

  • Intensive Program: Core Competencies in Teaching and Learning for Faculty Members

Teaching Methods

  • Interactive Teaching and Students Engagement 
  • Motivating Students and Learning 
  • Creative and Active Teaching Strategies 
  • Teaching Strategies: Success in The Interpersonal and Responsibility Domain 
  • Teaching Your Subject in English: Making It Understandable 
  • Microteaching 
  • Facilitating Metacognition in The Classroom 
  • Questioning Strategies and Leading Discussion in Classroom 
  • Avoiding Common Teaching Mistakes- A Discussion 
  • Flipped Classroom 
  • Creative Teaching: An Art-Based Approach 
  • Students Learning Styles 
  • The First Day of Class: Get Ready 
  • Classroom Management 
  • Make Lecture Planning Active 
  • Effective Strategies for Team Based Learning 

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assessment Foundations 
  • Questioning to Develop Higher-Order Thinking Skills 
  • Using Multiple Choice Items to Test Higher-Order Thinking Skills 
  • Alternative and Effective Assessment Methods (Performance Assessment, and Portfolio)
  • Analyzing and Reading Test’s Results
  • Constructing Test Items for Higher Order Thinking 
  • Assessing Projects and Labs 
  • Assessing The 21st Century “Soft” Skills 
  • Using and Creating Effective Rubrics 
  • Providing Constructive Feedback 
  • Assessment Through Rubrics 

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Learning Outcomes for Programs and Courses 
  • Communication Skills as A Domain of Learning in National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • Integrating Leadership Skills in Academic Curriculum 
  • Integrating Critical Thinking in Academic Curriculum 

Educational Technology

  • Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Technology 
  • Using Social Media Channels 
  • Attract Students with Your Power Point 

Other Topics

  • The Pursuit of Excellence in Mentoring in Higher Education 
  • Say It Like You Mean It: Communication Skills for Instructors 
  • 21St Century Skills 
  • Using Action Research in Teaching and Assessment 
  • Classroom Observation to Promote Learning 
  • Principles of Questions Writing 
  • Reflections on Adult Learning