Dean’s Office

Receive guests and visitors who wish to meet with the Dean, coordinate presentation files, conduct administrative transactions, arrange appointments, and maintain the Dean’s daily schedule.

Office of Internal Auditing

Design and prepare reports periodically on the performance of the Deanship for internal use  and for those third parties who may need information and statistics classified by beneficiary; monitor quality control.

Female Student Agency for Admissions and Registration Affairs

Conducts admission and registration procedures for female students in coordination with the Admission and Registration Deanship.

Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Administrative and Financial Affairs section oversees all personnel and administrative matters in the office, in addition to taking care of all the financial affairs of the Deanship.

Admissions and Scholarships Section

Monitoring the admissions process by collecting all the admission requirements for the university’s colleges, issuing pamphlets and forms, preparing admission booklets each year, and following up on the admission of transfer and scholarship students.

Registration Section

Solving problems that occur regarding the registration and academic status of students in all colleges of the university.

Graduation Section

Following up on the affairs of graduates – from the preparation of lists of students expected to graduate to the issuance of graduation certificates, and arranging the files of graduates.

Remuneration Section

The section manages students’ remuneration.

Files Section

Maintaining and monitoring the files of students in the colleges of the Deanship in Dammam, Health colleges, Engineering colleges and the College of Computer Science.

Technical Support Section

Providing technical support to all departments in the Deanship in coordination with Deanship of Information and Communication Technology.

Administrative Communications Section

Receiving the incoming transactions of the Deanship, distributing them to the concerned departments, and dispatching the transactions issued.

Published on: 09 April 2014
Last update on: 27 April 2017