The Alumni Department in the Deanship provides services to students who have completed graduation requirements during each semester, including participation in the graduation ceremony. The Deanship's main branch is in the Supporting Deanships Building and the remaining branches are in Al-Rayyan and Al-Rakah campuses. The Alumni Department's services are electronically processed whenever possible in accordance with the Deanship and the University's policies, which depends on the completion of the services to achieve the University's goal of becoming an electronic establishment.

Services provided by the Department

  1. Approval of the graduates and expected graduates list in the system.
  2. Provide related departments such as (colleges - public relations - Alumni Center – and others) with a list of the graduates to issue an electronic disclaimer.
  3. Prepare graduate statistics.
  4. Issuing diploma and bachelor's degrees certificates.
  5. Issuing good conduct certificates.
  6. Responsible for replacing lost or damaged certificates.
  7. Modification of certificates (edit or add the name in Arabic and date of birth in Hijri and Gregorian).
  8. Issue a guide for graduates and distribute it during the graduation ceremony at the end of each academic year.
  9. Validate photocopies of documents, certificates and statements for graduates who wish to validate his/her papers by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  10. Responding to correspondents from educational Bureau offices, embassies and ministries to inquire about the validity of applicants' documents who wish to complete their studies or those who have applied to different jobs. These documents would be checked and then reported.
  11. Fill out the authentication and documentation forms of the World Education Services (WES).
  12. Issuing letters of proof of study in Arabic or English.
  13. Issuance of type of study letters, regular or distance learning.
  14. Provide students with a letter to declare that the University is no longer affiliated with King Faisal University and its name has been changed from the University of Dammam to Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.
  15. Archiving received certificates.

Additional Alumni Services

Steps to receive your Graduation Certificate

Graduates can choose how he/she wishes to receive the graduation certificate; which is either by courier or manually from the Alumni department in the Supporting Deanships Building for male students or from the Deanship's branches in Al Rayyan or Al-Rakah or Jubail for female students.
through the following steps:

  1. Provide your original national ID or Resident Identity card (for non-Saudis) and the intern certificate for medical and health colleges.
  2. To verify the accuracy of the information printed on the graduation certificate.
  3. Electronically ensure the disclaimer.
  4. Signing on 'receiving the certificate' form.
  5. The applicant may request to amend the certificate within one month from the date of receipt, and an additional service fees shall be calculated thereafter.