Application period and telephone number for enquiries: 

Due to the current situation with Corona (COVID-19), we are unable to apply the external visits application from outside the university for the summer semester of the academic year 1440-1444 AH


Please refer to the Academic Calendar & Registration Schedule for further information. 

Terms for visiting from another university: 

  • The student should regularly attend for at least one semester,  his\her university and to have studied no less than 12 hours. 
  • The student should have the approval of his\her current Dean of Admissions and Registration at their original university in order to study at IAU as a visiting student. 
  • To pay tuition for the colleges that require payment such as the College of Applied Studies and Community Service.
  • It is required that the visiting student should be studying in a college or university that is recognized by the ministry of education, as a regular student and his/her GPA is no less than Good.

The required documents for visitation (Please note: must be scanned and added to the visiting application): 

  • An official academic record that is sealed from the student's original university.  IAU will not accept any document from the student's personal account.
  • A photocopy of the student's national ID or family card, as well as identification for a non-Saudi who has a Saudi mother.
  • A confirmation letter or visitation sheet that is certified from the Dean of Admissions and Registration of the student's original university and is forwarded to the Dean of Admissions and Registration at IAU to allow the visitation with the courses listed that the student wishes to study. 

Follow up on a previous request to visit IAU