There are three main departments under the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development. Each department is specialized in a certain field that is related to the University’s vision and mission pertaining to community service and sustainable development. These departments are:

  • Department of Community Service
  • Department of Sustainable Development 
  • Department of Strategic Partnerships 

In addition to these three main departments there are also a number of supporting departments that help in facilitating the work of the Deanship.

Department of Community Service:

The Department of Community Service is committed to assuring that IAU properly utilizes its resources in order to provide a high standard of community service.  The following three divisions comprise the Department of Community Service:

  • Community Studies and Research Division:  This division develops programs that encourage scientific research that tackles important research issues in the areas of societal, economic and environmental problems and is also responsible for finding sponsors for these research programs. 
  • Community Service Central Division :   The Commmunity Service Central Division represents the primary link between IAU's colleges and the community with regard to assuring the execution of community service and sustainable development programs through an electronic community services platform.
  • Interactive Volunteers Division:  This division promotes volunteering within the community as well as from within IAU, including staff, students and faculty members.  This group of volunteers from inside and outside IAU form the catalyst for development in the local community. 

Department of Sustainable Development:

 The Department of Sustainable Development's mission is to disseminate the concept of sustainable developement based on national and international measures, as well as the three integral dimensions that make up sustainable development, specifically the social, environmental and economic aspects.   This department is also committed to promoting initiatives and projects that are related to the field of sustainable development and is supported by the following two divisions:

  • Skill Development Division:  This division's focus is to strengthen the capabilities of individuals, organizations and communities to solve social, economic and environmental problems, through training courses that are held in an associated training center.
  • Initiative Incubator Division:   This division encourages quality innovative initiatives and adopts ideas from their initial stages until they mature to become sustainable development projects that are ready to be presented to the community.

Department of Strategic Partnerships:

The concept of  “partnership” in its simplest terms can be broken down into the following statement:  voluntary cooperation between parties having common goals that are based on agreements with defined objectives and principles that maintain the parties’ interests and meet their needs.

Since the department realizes the importance of sustainable strategic partnerships between IAU and various institutions both inside and outside the Kingdom, it looks forward to establishing sustainable relationships between IAU and the outside world through its two divisions:

  • Local Partnership Division:  This division organizes strategic partnerships with local non-profit organizations and entities in the public and private sectors with regard to serving the community, economy and environment, as well as linking IAU with other established universities in the Kingdom. 
  • International Partnership Division:  This division coordinates strategic partnerships with highly reputable international institutions in the areas of community service and sustainable development.  It is also responsible for aligning the Office of the Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development with leading international sustainable development institutions that will enhance IAU's stature in the field of community service,  an area that is specifically mentioned in IAU's overall mission and committment to community service.