The Deanship was established in 1431 to cover an important area of the university’s work as a professional and research institution constantly keeping up with educational development, and as an umbrella for all teaching and learning processes made by technology through the:

  • Employment of technology in education and providing the tools and support necessary to do so.
  • Preparation of human resources and administrative environment.
  • Application of quality standards.
  • Offering Distance Learning Programs.


E-Learning is a seamless and genuine part of the educational process at the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.  and instrumental in the academic and professional success of all learners.


To seamlessly integrate technology into the daily teaching and learning practices and actively contribute to creating a stimulating and productive environment  


  • Maintain a stable and effective technology infrastructure and platforms necessary to support productive and professional teaching and learning.
  • Develop the institutional capacity for eLearning to effectively lead professional teaching and learning services and programs.
  • Shape the stakeholders perception and configure their readiness to engage effectively in healthy, sustainable, and dynamic eLearning practices.
  • Transform  the course level in teaching and learning process through the development and delivery of quality e-Courses.
  • Design and implement a set of initiatives to widen the impact of eLearning on Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.and the local community, by leveraging internal, local, and international expertise and partnerships.