The Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs follows an ambitious strategy enhanced by organized work procedures. It facilitates the major operations in its educational sectors through a methodology that enables to have a leading role in managing the human resources.  It seeks to take care of the staff affairs to reach the ultimate goal of providing safe and motivating work environment.

The Deanship always seeks to run the staff affairs skillfully. Thus, the main target after starting the deanship was to compose a directory for administration management and job description for the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs. Thankfully, with the help of Allah, this goal has been achieved. This directory contains the following:

  • The structure of the administrative sectors at the Deanship.
  • Job description for all positions that go side by side with deanship's goals, message and vision.

This change clearly refers to the important role that the Deanship has in achieving the University's goals, noble values and distinction in taking care of its faculty and employees. It also believes that professional performance can be achieved by employees effectively. It can also be achieved when the employees perform their tasks and duties properly.  The employees' duties and tasks (as planned) can be reviewed periodically or semi-annually in a performance record for the end-of-the-year evaluation. This evaluation will enable the concerned administration to overcome the weak aspects and to enhance the positive aspects through training and development.


Creativity in the procedures related to the employees to achieve an attractive and competitive academic environment for the qualified human resources.


Enhancing the distinction culture of the human resources in the university.


  • Humane treatment
  • Teamwork
  • Equality
  • Honesty and transparency 
  • Development and quality assurance in an ideal environment
  • Creative and distinct administration
  • Facilitate the procedures by using information technology in human resources


  • Achieve an ideal ratio of the number of students to faculty.
  • Increase the proportion of faculty who hold a doctorate degree and develop their skills, motivation and promote their research in order to retain them at the University.
  • Achieve a balanced ratio of the number of non-faculty employees and faculty employees in the executive and public administrative positions. 
  • Provide an inspiring innovative work environment for faculty and staff so that they are motivated and engaged whether they are in the classroom, the office or the laboratory.
  • Work to provide innovative and exemplary services and facilitate procedures by recruiting and attracting the best talent available. 
  • Improve the functionality of the methods used in the workplace and continually develop the professional skills of the employees. 

The Deanship considers itself the starting point for the university to achieve distinction and the required goals through planning human resources. This can be seen clearly through the optimal engaging and keeping of human resources in the university, especially the ones with scientific and practical qualifications. 

Having a large database of human resources helps in analyzing and matching job requirements with the duties of the staff. It also gives flexibility in dealing with the technological and administrative development and with urgent changes in the structure of human resources. Moreover, it helps the highest administration to effectively plan and distribute the duties on the university staff to guarantee high quality and performance and to take care of them and of the service receivers. 

The Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs has a leading role in taking care of the employees.  It always seeks to fulfill their needs and it realizes the importance of the time of the staff with their effort to offer knowledge and services. Thus the Deanship, represented by its dean, makes sure to handle all the complaints and suggestions from the University staff. It also works to find solutions for the complaints and to employ the suggestions that simplify work procedures. 

Additionally, coordination in planning human resources is required from the different administrations of the colleges within their authorities. These colleges set plans and special programs to reach the goals and to follow the policies and the regulations related to the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs.

The faculties of the university collaborate with the supporting deanships in contributing to the different activities as part of the responsibilities and authorities clarified in the directory of job description. This collaboration is done without affecting the duties of the faculties and the supporting deanships. Therefore, in order to prevent work contradiction, the mangers of staff affairs keep contact with the Deanship to make clear about their duties and to execute and keep up the decisions and the suggestions of the Deanship about the staff.

The Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs follows work methodologies to plan human resources. It has a major role in taking care of all employees though improving attraction programs, training, scholarships, promotions and benefits for all staff from the faculty to the employees, Saudis or non-Saudis.

All in all, it is important to work hard to support the University to achieve distinction in teaching, research and community service. This can be reached by taking care of the human resources which are the pillar of the educational and administrative aspects.

Planning human resources is considered part of the long-term strategic plan of the University. It helps in showing the strong and the weak points in the performance of the human resources. Consequently, it helps to determine the type of programs of training and development needed to effectively improve the performance of the staff.

The Deanship seeks to improve planning human resources through the following methodologies:

  1. Prediction and succession planning.
  2. Determine the  employment need.
  3. Prepare and review job description.
  4. Strategic planning of the Deanship.
  5. Attracting and Selecting.
  6. Internal communications (Communication  and Administrative  responsibility).
  7. Evaluation.
  8. Training needs.
  9. Rewards and promotions.
  10. Staff affairs.

  11. Analysis and deduction linked to development of employment.

  12. Employment Succession.