Higher Education Council issued Resolution No. 04/06/1417 on 26/08/1417H [6 January 1997 G] to approve the regulations related to the discipline of the faculty members and similar staff at IAU. IAU maintains policies and regulations applied explicitly to deal with complaints about or by faculty and staff, through articles specified in the regulation of the Affairs of Saudi faculty at IAU (Articles 82, 83, 84,85,86,87, 88, 89, 90, 91) . Executive rules explaining these articles also have been issued. Article 44 of the Regulation on Employment of Non-Saudis in Universities of the Kingdom is also attached as an evidence to demonstrate the existence of this practice at IAU. As for the staff; IAU applies the Staff Discipline regulation to enforce discipline. In addition to that, an administrative decision of the President No. 42/826 dated 25/08/1434 e includes the formation of a permanent committee to  study  the  technical  and  administrative  violations  within  the  University  as  well  as  to investigate all violations related to the university staff.

IAU has assigned a Permanent Committee to look into complaints made against staff, failure to comply with their Job descriptions, negligence of responsibilities, or inappropriate behavior. Article (82) of the regulation states the formation of the disciplinary committee for faculty members and the article (83) of the regulations have mandated the President of the university to assign one of the deans and give him the authority to investigate with a faculty member who is believed to be in breach of his duties. A report on the outcome of the investigation will be provided to the disciplinary committee.

A Standing Committee to deal with the irregularities had been assigned for the university staff to solve the problem between the two disputing parties. It should be noted that this procedure applied effectively according to the university customs derived from the Islamic Laws, Disputes between employees of IAU in various jobs though rare, but they occur   with   varying   dimensions   like   other   educational   institutions. IAU has placed responsibility for the initial stages of resolution of minor disputes under each head of the department or administration and under the umbrella of his responsibility in steering educational, administrative and financial matters set by the regulations (44 ) of the Higher Education Council In case the head of the department is not able to resolve such disputes, the next step is to this issue to the respective Deans of the College (or the Deanship) for consideration under the regulations (37) set by the Higher Education Council . If the conflict continues still unresolved, it will be moved for settlement by the Concerned Vice President, and then to the President of IAU [Article 91].However, the details of this sequence of dispute resolution are not documented. If IAU employee fails to comply with instructions, neglects his responsibilities or follows an inappropriate behavior, IAU applies the procedures specified in the regulations mentioned above, namely articles (82) to (91) of the regulations governing affairs of the faculty members, as well as regulations on employees’ discipline considered by the Standing Committee settlement of the technical and administrative irregularities  At the same time IAU regards rights of the employee under investigation, accused or against whom a disciplinary punishment is issued. Article (83) gives IAU President the right to refer the case to the Permanent Committee or not, taking into account the volume of the violation attributed to the employee. Article (85) of IAU regulation states that the employee has to be paid half of his/her salary in the event of suspension from duty during the investigation, and full salary after being acquitted or punished without being dismissed.

Procedures included in article (86) also give the employee enough time (at least 15 days), after delivery  of  the  list  of  charges,  to  come  for  the  trial.  The accused has also to read the investigations carried out with him (Article 86).  In addition to that, regulations of IAU allow the employee, upon whom a disciplinary punishment is inflicted, to appeal the penalty within thirty days (Article 88). This has been organized by Article (88) of the regulations and mentioned in the sixth paragraph (the faculty member and the like has the right to appeal the decision by a letter addressed to the president of the university in thirty days from the notification of the Commission otherwise the decision becomes final .... etc.). This is concerned with the faculty members at IAU. As for the university staff there is no regulation provided in the University council therefore it is inevitable return to the general rules in this regard, and as the text of Article (4) of the pleadings system issued by Royal Decree No.: M / 2 and the date 01/22/1435H [25 November 2013 G], especially the fourth paragraph of which states to be necessitated the appeal of the administrative decision - within sixty days from the date of knowing this decision and will be decided upon during the next sixty days of the date of submission. If a decision is rejected must be substantiated and is also considered as a rejection of the appeal not to decide on the appeal within a period of the last sixty days and therefore have the right to complainant after that by a letter to the administrative court claim for cancellation of the administrative decision issued against him/her. It is clear that the Saudi complainant has been given extensive guarantees for public employees in the face of the administrative decisions issued against him and then there is no point of proposing new rules in this regard, both for faculty or staff within universities.

Article (83) from the regulations mentioned above, as well as the executive rules issued has exposed  the  details  of  how  to  conduct  the  investigation  with  the  faculty  member,  who  is believed to have violate his duties, as well as the body entrusted with the investigation. The Committee on irregularities explains the procedures of investigation against the staff violation.

As per the directions of the rector, a dispute committee has been formed with recommended standards to conduct investigations into any irregularities. In case of serious disputes of lawsuits and judicial issues, it has been addressed by other relevant organizations and this will not interfere with the  disciplinary  action/s taken  on the incident  by  the University  (Article  90)  All the regulations and procedures are available on the IAU website and in the handbook.