Dr. Rana Ali Alameri

Dr. Haifa Albadry


  1. An Investigation into the Role of Tablet Devices in Facilitating Collaborative Learning in EFL Language Course
  2. An Investigation into the Role of Tablet Devices in Facilitating Collaborative Learning Course


  1. Newcastle University Postgraduate Research Student Conference 2012
  2. European Association for Computer – Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL) Conference 2015
  3. Situating Strategy Use: The Interplay of Language Learning Strategies and individual Learner Characteristics Conference 2015
  4. LLAS 11th annual e-learning Symposium 2016


Excellence Award

Mohanned Al Huraqi

Dr. Nouf Al Maghlouth Gains the First Place in the United States in Infectious Diseases

Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University is proud of its scholarship student Dr. Nouf Al Maghlouth from the College of Medicine, Internal Medicine Department who is studying abroad in the United States in order to gain a medical fellowship. Dr. Al Maghlouth has received the First Place in the United States during the Annual Week for Infectious Diseases.  Where she reached a new medical discovery in Infectious Diseases and she was honored in the Annual Infectious Diseases Conference 2015 which was held in San Diego, California.

Academic and Research Distinctive Award

The doctorate scholarship student in University of Westminster, England May Mohamed Al Jamie received a scholastic and research distinction award from the Saudi Arabian Culture Mission in England for her research “Towards Social and Cultural Sustainability in the Designs of Contemporary Saudi Houses" as well as for he active participation in the "ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT”.

Honoring a Scholarship Student Conducting Obesity Research

1435-1436 A.H

On the 85th National Day of the Kingdom HRH Prince Mohamed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz the Saudi Ambassador in London and the Saudi Arabian Culture Mission Faisal Aba Al Khail honored Dr. Siham Sulaiman Al Saif the scholarship student from Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University who is working on a doctorate research which concentrates on the effect of obesity on pregnancy and birth in the Liverpool Women's Hospital, University of Liverpool, England.

Dr. Al Saif the President of the Saudi Student Club stated that “Two scientific essays of mine were published and I gave lectures and scientific posters in more than one conference, also I gained the first prize in the 3 minutes contest”

She adds “I hope for a fast return to my home town so I can serve my country and spread the knowledge I have learned and this is the least I can do in returning the favor to my country and its leaders.”

Patent Accepted ''Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Metal Oxide Nanostructures''

Tahani Hassan Falmban a doctorate scholarship student in Electronic Engineering (Photons) in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Thuwal, and a lecturer in the Physics department in the College of Science in Dammam was recorded on August 26, 2014 with her first patent which was titled:

Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Metal Oxide Nanostructures

Honor Certificate

Abair Al Anazi a master’s degree scholarship student in English Language (Teaching English as a Second Language) in Flinders University, South Australia. Who is also a teaching assistant in the English Language Department in the College of Education, Hafr Al Batin has received an honor certificate from Golden Key International Honor Society. Al Anazi was one of the top 15 students from 200 international students in the University.

Active Participation

Modi Mohamed Al Jamie a lecturer in Management Information Systems department in the College of Business Administration who is a doctorate scholarship student in King's College London, England received a scholastic and research distinction award from the Saudi Arabian Culture Mission in England. Al Jamie is also a vice-chairman in the administration of the Scientific Society for Saudi Students in the UK.

Best Master Project

Dhabia Ahmed Al Boainain a master’s scholarship student in Green Cloud Computing Networks was presented with the PMC Technologies Award for best Masters Project in Networking and Wireless Communications from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland in 2013.

Best Talk Award

1434-1435 A.H

Maha Mohamed Al Amer a doctorate scholorship student in Molecular Biology in the University of Reading, England received an award for the best talk given at the 2013 School Postgraduate Symposium on June 18, 2013 by a year 1 Student in Biomedical Sciences.

Al Khathlan Receives the Euorpean Congress Award in Genetics and Pulmonology

1433-1434 A.H

The Scholorship student Noor Al Khatlan a teaching assistant in the field of Genetics Research, the Respiratory Care Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences. Al Khatlan gained the 22nd Euorpean Conference Award for Pulmonology in 2012. The conference was organized by the European Respiratory Society which was held in Vienna, Austria during her scholarship master’s Degree study in Cardiff University in England. Al Khatlan’s Research Summary was chosen as the best in the field of Genetic Pulmonary Fibrosis. 

Al Quaimi, the First Arab to Win a World Award in Aerosol Therapy

1432-1433 A.H

The scholarship student from Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University, the College of Applied Medical Sciences, the Respiratory Care Department, Maher Mubark Al Quaimi gained the 2011 Award from the American Association for Respiratory Care. The award is considered an honor and support award for distinction in the field of Aerosol Therapy research which seeks to discover the best means and ways for Aerosol Therapy. This technique is generally used for Asthma or Pulmonary Embolism patients. Al Quaimi is considered the first Arab who gained this award in the field of Respiratory Care. He was honored in Tampa, Florida during the 57th World Congress of Respiratory Care in November 2011. Al Quaimi gained the award after he gained his master’s degree. In addition to this award, he was the head of the Saudi Club in Georgia State University and he is currently a Doctorate Scholarship student in the University of Kansas.

Published on: 23 November 2015
Last update on: 13 September 2018