One of the supporting deanships at the university, it is concerned with providing essential administrative services related to human capital, as the main element in implementing the university activities and achieving its goals. It is also responsible for recruitment, employment, development, planning, performance evaluation and communication activities in order to achieve the best levels of productivity supporting the university achieving its goals.
The Deanship of Human Resources was established in 1431 AH under the name of "Deanship of Faculty Members and Personnel Affairs", and in 1440 AH, the Ministry of Education approved the name change to "Deanship of Human Resources" at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in its decision No. (20/12 /) 1440 AH) in line with the development of human resources management.


Achieving excellence in human resources management locally and regionally.


Attracting and developing distinguished human capital to provide effective services according to the approved quality standards.


The Deanship is committed to the values​​of the university: belonging, mastery, team spirit, transparency, diversity, creativity, and social responsibility.


  1. Building a modern institutional administrative system for the University.
  2. Developing the professional and administrative capabilities of the University staff.
  3. Supporting social communication for Deanship staff and enhancing their participation in community programs through effective partnerships.
  4. Providing an attractive and sustainable work environment for the University employees.
  5. Contributing in achieving the university's financial sustainability.
  6. Transitioning to an intelligent electronic system and the comprehensive application of electronic transactions
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