Institutional Excellence Unit

The Institutional Excellence Unit was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University on 22/09/1441 H, in line with the aspirations of the University and its strategic plan and the adoption of local and international quality standards towards excellence in the level of performance, productivity and services provided. Following are the tasks of this Unit:

  1. Implementing quality and academic accreditation procedures.
  2. Conducting the University’s organizational studies and updates the regulatory manuals periodically.
  3. Follow-up on the implementation of the approved work regulations and submitting suggestions for further development.
  4. Facilitating the work procedures at the University, designing, and developing the models to be used, and adopting and updating the procedures manuals.

Following offices are included in this Unit:

  • Quality Assurance Office.
  • Administrative Quality Office.

Training and Development Unit

The unit conducts the training needs analysis, develops the annual training plans, supervises the implementation of training and development programs, and follows up on the results of its activities in order to raise the efficiency of the university’s administrative staff in a manner that supports the achievement of the university’s goals.

Among the tasks of the unit:

  • Collecting and studying the training needs of the university's administrative staff.
  • Developing and implementing training plans.
  • Receiving and approving nomination applications for training programs held inside and outside the university.

Quality Assurance Office

The office seeks to ensure quality and accreditation through cooperation with the relevant authorities at the University, developing public policy and evaluating performance in all administrative units within the Deanship and the University, and spreading the culture of quality and continuous improvement of it.

Administrative Quality Office

The office strives to raise the administrative quality of the Deanship’s and obtain the degree of accreditation in quality and everything that will raise the level of performance in line with the standards of quality and excellence. 

Digital Transformation Office

This office analyses work procedures and electronic systems for their development to identify the immediate and future needs of the beneficiary sectors and coordinating among them. It subsequently redesigns the systems and procedures for the necessary selection of appropriate forms, answering the inquires of the beneficiaries and carrying out other work related to this field.

Published on: 04 April 2016
Last update on: 10 June 2021