The Office of the Dean of Information and Communication Technology was established in order to contribute, support and develop the various technical processes used at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University as well as promote and support research in the University through the use of modern technology.  The Office of Information and Communication Technology provides all university employees with the essential services and latest tools and equipment that meet their technology needs. The mission of the Office of the Dean of Communication and Information Technology is to provide technological support and expertise for all academic departments and administrative offices in the University.

The Office of Information and Communication Technology and its divisions are engaged in around-the-clock operations and maintenance in order to ensure the continuity of business in the primary data center that hosts all of the electronic services provided to employees of the University.

The Office of the Dean of Information and Communication Technology adopts a number of measures and policies in order to efficiently offer services to University employees by conforming to the standards of ISO2000, ITIL.  These standards and procedures are equally applied to the employees of the Office of the Dean, as well as the rest of the employees of the University in order to maintain uniformity and continuity of service without exception.


Inspiring Business Innovation.


Empowering our partners/clients to increase their business value through agile, high-quality and cost-effective ICT solutions.


The Deanship is based on a set of core values that guide our internal culture and link us to our stakeholders:

  • User First
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation


  • Operation and maintenance of the network, including the main servers and storage.
  • Provide e-mail services for students, faculty and staff of the University.  
  • Develop business processes for the University’s administration and finance offices.
  • Protection of the University’s computer systems, networks and devices from security threats.
  • Host the University portal for e-services.
  • Ensure continuity and availability of the systems and devices 24 hours a day.
  • Provide technical support services for the stakeholders of the University.
  • Create periodic reports regarding any complaints received by the call center.
  • Analyze recorded communication and follow up.
  • Apply quality standards to all services and procedures prescribed by ITIL standards.
  • Formulate technical specifications for computer systems, networks, software and applications as well as for personal computers and accessories.
  • Provide technical solutions catering to the University’s academic requirements.


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