The Acquisitions and Collection Development Department is responsible for continually keeping the library’s print and electronic collections up-to-date by identifying and selecting library resources in collaboration with the library’s patrons and IAU’s administration.


  • Monitor the growth and development of the numerous collections at IAU’s libraries.
  • On a regular basis, identify both strengths and weaknesses in the existing collections at IAU.
  • Assess and cull/deselect resources that no longer support IAU’s instructional and research programs.
  • Evaluate library resources in response to the University’s curriculum and take into consideration any program changes.
  • Develop and/or refine policies and procedures for collection development.
  • Analyze, create and produce reports on data and trends regarding collection growth, usage, material costs, expenditures, etc. and use this information in the decision making process whether it involves the collections at the library or with regards to project budgets.
  • Evaluate donations sent to IAU’s libraries.
  • Revise and update IAU’s library collection development policies.
  • Capture and analyze data to support collection assessment and improve selection.
  • Assess the continually changing needs of the various users of IAU’s libraries by identifying trends in research, examining new academic programs and evaluating IAU’s own publications.

Staff members:

Mohammad Aqil     
Collection Development (English)    
New Central Library