Community Library Qateef, is a satellite library maintained by Deanship of Library Affairs, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. This library mainly serves the College of Community Qateef’s 490 affiliate students, faculty and administrative staff. It is also connected with the other 19 libraries of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.


Library consists a printed collection of 4,090 items. Major subject categories of the collection are Specialization Computer and supporting Sciences taught in Preparatory Year. Collection is arranged with Library of Congress Classification. 


This library provides loan service, Interlibrary Loan, Reference Services, Serial Section and New Book Arrival Information services. Users can make photocopy of informational material in the library. Library has been allocated an area of 100 square meter to serve 26 users. 

Library Hours

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday – Thursday

Digital Resources

Deanship of Library Affaires acquire a large range of electronic resources to support the teaching and research. There are 65 major databases and 175 sub level databases on different subjects. There are 41 subject based databases, 24 are multidisciplinary, one protocol database and one images database. There are 587, 45 e-journals on unique subject fields and 137 individually subscribed journals. There are 285,813 e-books’ titles. These electronic resources covers Business Management & Economics, Geography, and Anthropology, Philosophy & Religion, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Health & Medical Sciences, Pure Sciences, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Languages & Literatures and Social Sciences.

Important Links

Satellite Librarian

For questions, help and Interlibrary loan contact:

Areej Goezi Sad ALjodi

Dania Ibrahim Kutbi

Phone: (013)38430,38542489 
Address: College of Community Library-Qateef, Qatif district of NASRA, Zip codes: 31911.