Design Library for Girls is a Branch Library, started in 1407 H. under the Deanship of Library Affairs. This library serves the faculty and students of College of Design as reference and lending library. It is also connected with the other 19 libraries of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.

Printed Resources

The Design Library is a hub of printed and electronic resources on Art, Design, Architecture and related disciplines. There is a collection of 5675 printed books, 392 theses, archives of printed magazines and journals. A CD-ROM collection is also built. Major Library of Congress Classification main classes in the library collection:

  • B-BJ-BL-BX Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 
  • NA - Architecture 
  • NB - Sculpture
  • NC - Graphic Arts, Drawing.  Design.  Illustration
  • ND - Painting
  • NE 1-3002 - Print Media
  • NE  1-978 - Printmaking and engraving
  • NK - Decorative Arts
  • NK  2200-2750 - Furniture 
  • NK  2775-2898 - Rugs and carpets
  • NK  3700  - 6060 - Glass, Costume, Glyptic arts, Ceramics
  • NK   6400 - 9955 - Metalwork, Textile, Wood Work
  • NK  1700-2195 - Interior decoration.  House decoration
  • NX -  Arts in General 
  • NX  280-410 - Study and teaching.  Research
  • NX 440-632 - History of the arts
  • TS -  Manufacturing 
  • TT -  Handicrafts Arts and Crafts
  • Z116.A5 549 - Printing, Book Binding, Publishing


Design library offers a wide range of services for faculty and students. The library works closely as liaison between faculty and Deanship of Library Affairs. Following are services:

  • Book Lending Services
  • Interlibrary Loan Service
  • General Reference Services
  • Terminals and internet for online searching and  Accessing Electronic Resources
  • Reprographic Services I.E. Digital Imaging and Photocopying
  • Research Alerts
  • Library Friend’s Club
  • Journals and Magazines Archives 
  • Information Literacy Sessions and Courses
  • One to One Reference Services
  • Research and Citation Assistance Services
  • Online Resources and Tools Help

Materials and Catalog Collection

Design library started a new collection to aid the printed and electronic resources for learning and research. This collection is aimed to bridge the gaps between the world of theory and practice. 

Currently, there are few Art and Architecture libraries in KSA, yet none of them have any such collection. Design library, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, is pioneer to establish material collection to provide visual reference to students about latest trends in world of products and manufacturing. This collection along with main collection and services makes this library a state of the art library. Following items are included for this collection:

  • Catalogs of artist works and art exhibitions.
  • Unique advertising and packaging materials and designs.
  • Any tangible material and literature other than regular book and journals suggested by faculty.
  • Manufacturers’ catalogues & brochures.
  • Samples of materials, including ceramics, textiles, glass, paper, metal, plastics and much more.
  • Journals and magazines.
  • Reference books, including books about materials and directories to help you source products and materials.
  • Prospectus and catalogs of national and international Art & Architecture School’s programs.
  • Manufacturing and architectural standards.

Satellite Librarian

Hoda Ahmad Al Hamodi
Phone: 31947

Eman Othman Al Homidi
Phone: 31905

Hoda Ahmad Al Hamodi
Phone: 31947

Tarfah Twab Alotibi
Phone: 31946

Eman Othman Al Homidi
Phone: 31905