GCCL Library became under the under the Deanship of Library Affairs in 1430 H. before that, the library was under the college of science and it’s collections has served college of science only then it has been enriched with more collections that serve college of arts and education. This library serves the faculty and students of 3 colleges: College of science, College of Arts and College of education as reference to and library circulation services. It is also connected with the other 15 libraries of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.


To accomplish deanship of library affairs’ mission and vision, Girls colleges central library-GCCL is working in the following objectives:
1. Collaborate with IAU's faculty to teach and foster information literacy for Colleges of Sciences, faculty of Arts and college of Education students and researchers by assisting in preparing scientific researches related to the curriculum. This includes developing appropriate search strategies, evaluating and providing access to information resources in addition to understanding the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding information, and the ethical use of information.
2. Ensure that IAU's Faculty are able to use library resources and technologies efficiently and effectively to achieve their teaching and scientific research objectives.
3. Collect, organize, and provide access to a highly selective up-to-date collection of materials in both printed and electronic formats to support a wide variety of teaching curriculum and serve teaching processes and learning which supports undergraduates, graduates researchers and faculty members at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.
4. Meet the needs of readers and researchers from outside Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.
5. Create and maintain user-centered suitable environment and encourage individual and group studying, plus teaching and collaborative learning and the open exchange of ideas.
6. Recruit a team of qualified library staff with high efficiency and performance in order to provide information technology services, and improve their potentials by providing opportunities for training and continuous development in order to reach the highest level of quality in providing services.


GCCL holdings are more than 25,000 titles, and 72,000 items. These books cover disciplines of pure sciences such as Mathematics, biology, Physics and chemistry as well as Humanities and social sciences such as: anthropology, English literature, Education. library science, Arabic Language… etc.

Library Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Sunday and Tuesday  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Zip code: 31441. P.O. Box 1982, Girls Collages Central Library-GCCL. Office No. M10.

Services & facilities

GCCL Provides a wide range of library service to the users as follow:
1. Reading areas for users.
2. Books circulation and reservation services through circulation desk and/or self-check-in & check-out.
3. Interlibrary loan services within IAU libraries.
4. Physical to virtual reference services i.e. face to face, online chat, email
5. Online and OPAC searching
6. Electronic Resources search through E-Resources portal
7. Reprographic Services i.e. Digital Imaging and Photocopying
8. Current awareness and SDI services.
9. Information Literacy workshops and sessions either for freshman or other users
10. Research and Citation Assistance Services
11. Computer lab for teaching, searching and browsing, Wi-Fi and assistance in device connectivity and technical support
12. Group study rooms for academic and research purposes.

GCCL Departments/Units

In order to achieve the previous objectives, GCCL has been divided into Units of services under the supervision of top management represented by Vice dean of library affairs, Girls Colleges University librarian and assistant of Girls Colleges University librarian.

A. Collection Development and Technical Services Unit, aims to:
1. Management of all technical services including: collection development, cataloging, classification, subject headings, serial control, preservation of collection…etc. 
2. Ensure the quality of technical services including the quality of bibliographic records in IAU Libraries Integrated System.
3. Communicate with the target Patrons including; faculty members, researchers and students affiliated to Faculties of Science, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education for developing a collection of information resources to activate the role of libraries in the processes of teaching, curricula and scientific research.

B. Library Systems Unit, aims to:
1. Manage and support all operating systems inside GCCL library including; Integrated Library System, RFID and database of users privileges.
2. Maintenance of the hardware and software for GCCL users and library staff computers and other equipment.
3. Secure and protect the data on the terminals connected the main server of Integrated Library System.
4. Help in training and promoting awareness for GCCL Patrons to use the different technologies; such as gadgets.

C. Information Services and Education Unit, aims to:
1. Provide effective and proactive educational services and activities by providing instructions to all GCCL library patrons whether one on one training or via phone or online chat.
2. Provide the basic information needed in teaching and scientific researches.
3. Support teaching activities by providing services that connect the curricula with GCCL library information resources.
4. Applying the “Teaching Library” concept by providing a set of sessions and workshops aims to improve GCCL patrons' information literacy and facilitate their access to information.

D. Access Services Unit, aims to:
1. Facilitate borrowing services, reserving materials, academic reserve, photocopying and digital scanning services to meet patrons' needs at GCCL.
2. Sharing GCCL resources within IAU libraries through Interlibrary Loan services-ILL and Document Deliver Services-DDS within the limits of copyright Laws.
3. Evaluate access services regularly in light GCCL library patrons' needs.

E. Satellite Libraries Unit, aims to:
1. Supervise and communicate with Satellite libraries regarding in technical and information services.
2. Investigate and understand Satellite Libraries' needs (furniture and hardware) in order to fulfill them to provide Information services with the same level and quality in all IAU libraries in within Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.