Humanities Track is one of the tracks in the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies Program. It aims at preparing students to enroll in College of Arts, College of Education and College of Science and Humanities of Jubail or any of the colleges that might be added to the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies Program in the future in accordance with the admission conditions set by the University Council.


The objectives of the Humanities track originate from the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies Program ones, which are:

  • Preparing students for university education
  • Providing a university environment for extra-curricular activities that enhance students’ innovation and creation
  • Developing students’ skills in the English language, Arabic language grammar, information technology, Learning and Research, and Thinking and Communication.
  • Increasing health awareness and fitness among the students
  • Developing student’s skills to meet the requirements of future careers
  • Consolidating the concepts of Islamic identity and values
  • Developing the programs of the preparatory year in accordance with quality standards and requirements as well as academic accreditation.

The responsibilities of the Vice Deanship for Humanities Track

  1. Supervising the application of the executive rules of the study and exams regulations at the university stage with regard to the Humanities Track
  2. Overseeing the preparation of teaching timetables for humanities track students and coordinating with other departments and colleges in cooperation with Deanship of Admission and Registration
  3. Supervising the execution of Humanities Track Final Exams in cooperation with other academic departments and Deanship of Admission and Registration
  4. Overseeing the equivalence of Humanities Track courses with regard to students transferred to Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies Program from other IAU departments or other universities
  5. Supervising Humanities Track students’ extra-curricular activities, visits, and annual fairs
  6. Overseeing requests of study postponement or withdrawal as well as students’ study denial and addition in the Humanities track per the regulations and decisions issued in this regard
  7. Supervising the preparation of denied students’ lists and identifying succeeding and struggling Humanities Track students in the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies Program
  8. Supervising the activities of the orientation week organized by the Deanship with regard to Humanities track including the preparation of print and electronic booklets, publications, regulations, and guidelines in addition to timetables and electronic registration of mid-term and annual courses
  9. Orientation and guidance of Humanities Track students, solving problems related to academic attainment in the preparatory year and coordinating with the University Orientation Center regarding cases in need of social or psychological care.
  10. Providing regular reports to the Dean of the Preparatory Year about the workflow of the Humanities Track tasks and potential difficulties encountered.
  11. Maintaining the update of the Deanship website regarding Humanities Track department
  12. Communicating with concerned parties inside the university in accordance with Humanities Track jurisdiction
  13. Issuing internal decisions needed to assure the workflow in Humanities track department in the deanship, which does not create rights or functional benefits.
  14. Suggesting tools and methods that contribute to the effectiveness and development of work in the Humanities track

The Humanities Track is designed for students who wish to enroll in one of these colleges:

  • College of Arts
  • College of Education – Dammam
  • College of Science and Humanities - Jubail.
Academic Plan for the Humanities Track