To raise the quality of research and produced studies at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University using the best analysis tools


provide statistical services to researchers at the University in high quality and develop their statistical skills


seeking to optimize the use of statistical tools in various academic fields 

Unit Responsibilities

  • To connect the researchers with a group of consultants of faculty member specializing in statistical investigations, from inside and outside the University.
  • Electronic service of statistical analysis using specialized programs such as (SPSS):
    • To enter the data into the program (by an executive team from the Deanship of Scientific Research) and conduct tests and preliminary analysis according to the researcher’s design for the experiment; and then divide data sets, choose the statistical test and the required analysis method, as long as the researcher is ensured that the data entry and the implementation of statistical analysis and its results have been done by his consent.
    • To collaborate with the Center for Information Technology at the University to install the original program (SPSS) to the researchers’ work computers.
  • To attract visiting professors specializing in statistics, in order to hold seminars, specialized lectures, training courses and workshops in the areas of statistical analysis.

Specialized Services offered by the unit

  • Statistical Consulting in Research:
    • Giving advice about the research design.
    • Assessing the optimal sample size.
    • Assisting in designing the questionnaire.
    • Assisting in implementing the demo survey and make sure of the credibility and the stability.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the Research:
    • Editing and encoding data.
    • Entering data.
    • Suggesting the appropriate program for data analysis.
    • Analyzing data using statistical tests.
    • Interpreting the tables extracted from statistical programs.  

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