Superiority in reaching the highest quality standards for health and safety of University members to keep up with the up to date Safety and what relates to it significantly.


Aim on improving the level and the accuracy of health and safety of the administration device at the University. As well as, create the exchanged cooperative among all members of the university and occupational health which guarantees the accuracy of the work and uniqueness toward a safe society.


  • Originate a team associated with faculties, specialists, doctors, and some of the experts from Civil Defense, Red crescent, specialist centers, and executives in the departments of Health and Safety, and occupational health to establish worldwide standards in “compliance with health and safety, and occupational health” at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University and what is associated along as being physical and or moral, filing them to the University for authorization.  
  • Generate permanent work by collaborating with related authorities outside of the University society in order to trace the improvement and install all of the contemporary elements on HSE, and Occupational Health Departments, and improve the laws and information. As well to guarantee outstanding outputs in HSE of the society as a whole.
  • Organize the members of Occupational Health and Safety in the University to immediate interfere in emergency situations and disasters, which may occur Allah forbid. Moreover, participate and support other Safety Departments locally when disasters and or emergency occurs, either at the University or around the colleges branches of the University.
  • Adherence to the University buildings and prevent it of any undermining trails or abstractions from any of its assets. Also diligence of the Safety and maintenance of Safety in general such as fire extinguishers… etc.
  • Health and safety Retention of University members and its visitors.
  • Provide guards for conferences, conventions and seminars at the University facilities, and Colleges branches.
  • Work toward the needed for the prevention and elimination of accidents.
  • Head on to traffic accidents when occurs and report fins as per obligatory systems.
  • Detention of any kind of infraction which affect in turn and obstruct the Health and Safety of the University as a whole, and refer them to specialized authorities if necessary.
  • Keeping an eye on all companies and corporation members being in bound to Safety systems.
  • Verification of ID’S and permits of whom entering the University frequently.   
  • Training excellence human, qualifying, and improve from its level to limber up the tasks of protecting the University Health and Safety to eliminate human and physical losses.