Security Department

  • Secure and protect the University, buildings, and facilities throughout the day and night. Full supervision on all security CCTVs, and monitor their attendance and leave plus their compliance wearing formal uniforms as required.
  • Coordinate with the administration regarding communication with Competent Security Authority about any kind of accident take place in University area and branches.
  • Follow up shifts with security and safety members throughout the day and night along with the weekend.
  • Oversight the entrance and exits of vehicles holding permit stickers.
  • Prepare reports and records for any emergency situation (robbery, fights, and traffic accidents) then conveyance to competent authority.
  • Follow up with all companies and corporation inside the University area and tightening supervisory on them.
  • Aid in emergency situations and transport to University hospital if necessary.
  • Subsidy in planning events, occasions and conventions inside and outside.

Traffic Department

  • Organize traffic in the University area to eliminate jams and accidents.
  • Work ahead to unify the parking lots and pullout violating cars.
  • Direct all traffic accidents and detect traffic tickets.
  • Organize traffic for all inside and outside events.

Investigation Department

  • Retain the guideline and progress at a higher level of discipline in the University.
  • Proceed to all issues which arises at the University and its facilities, weather it was delivered from a member of the University or found by Security Department.
  • Coordinate with competent departments and security authority outside the University to complete procedures as per regulations.
  • Investigate in thefts, know the robber, and record the missing items until it’s delivered to a competent authority.

Operations and Surveillance Department

  • Record the entrance and exits of vehicles from all main gates.
  • Receive all incoming notices, record information along, and do the necessary in accordance with the department on a daily basis.
  • Direct departments’ supervisors with any urgent work over the wireless device.
  • Monitor the installed CCTV locations.
  • Report to Security department about any observation pops up from control cameras.

University Cards Issuance Department

  • Issue University cards for members, students, and contractors.
  • Supervise on all colleges and centers and assure that all University cards received as soon as possible.
  • Technical and logistical support to cards issuance departments and provide them with cards and inks.

Cars Permits Department

  • Issue cars permits and record on the system.
  • Install cars permits (numbered sticker) for the members of the University and the branches of it.

Traffic Tickets Department

  • Record violated traffic cars.
  • Collect fins and transport to the department.
  • If the violation occurs again, it will be transferred to the competent authority.

Keys Department

  • Copy all building keys and store in dedicated places.
  • Provide the new building keys to concerned department.
  • Retain a master key for all the buildings.

Safety Department

  • The Safety Department conduct inspection field tours among all colleges, centers, and facilities to trace the Safety onsite along with reporting reports shown in pictures. Field tours contains:
  • Examine fire extinguishers date of issuance and expiry, also keeping them at the right position.
  • Ensure that all the emergency exit are in good condition.
  • Ensure of having guidance charts for emergency exits.
  • Ensure the efficiency of fire alarms.