According to the Council of Ministers' Decision number (235) on 20/8/1425 H to establish internal auditing units that aim at examining and evaluating the internal auditing systems, to review the financial, operational and performance issues and to assure that resources are effectively and adequately used. The unit also aims at enabling entities to achieve their mission and goals by constantly ensuring that they are working according to the organization's established plan. Therefore, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, represented by the President of the University appointed to establish a unit that is concerned with internal auditing in the University.

The Internal Auditing Unit in the University is characterized by being independent and objective, that is responsible for the internal auditing procedures that are issued by the government in the official decisions and regulations.

The Organizational Affiliation:
The unit is directly affiliated to the President of the University.


Spread the concept of transparency and integrity among the University's employees and contribute in developing performance, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of systems and administration and financial operations through optimum investment of available resources and using them specifically if needed without profusion.


To assure the integrity of financial and administrative performances in the University through effective supervision according to the most appropriate local and international standards.


  1. Protection of funds, public property and reduce the occurrence of fraud and errors.
  2. To assure the accuracy and adequacy of the financial statements and accounting records.
  3. Ensuring the effectiveness and adequacy of administrative and financial procedures.
  4. Achieving compliance with the regulations, instructions, policies, and strategies.
  5. To affirm the credibility and effectiveness of the internal auditing systems.