About the Office of The Vice President

The vice-presidency supervises eighteen administrations and deanships including which are, and it is considered the human and financial resources which are considered the  backbone of the University. The vice-presidency works hard with all its administrative staff to overcome the difficulties that limit the services of the colleges, deanships and departments according to the regulations and authorities granted to it.

As a hiring procedure, the vice-presidency receives and examines the requests of  colleges for hiring faculty members . After that, The requests is then will be sent to the Deanship of Faculty and Staff for to be announced announcement. Eventually, Later on, tests are will be conducted and only the outstanding candidates who pass the interviews set  recommended by a special committee are will be hired. Similarly, the vice-presidency also deals with the financial needs of colleges, deanships and  departments. The General Directorate of Financial Affairs plays an important and distinctive role in overcoming the problems and in finding solutions to all the financial difficulties faced by ing the University. The Department of General Supplies and the Administration of Procurement both work to secure all the needs of the University from all the necessary requirements, such as laboratories, medical furniture, office furniture, practical and educational supplies and other needs. Moreover, the General Directorate of Projects has a vital role that can be seen clearly  in the University, faculties and departments in the form of roads, lighting, maintenance, renovation, construction and restoration. This is a brief overview of some of the efforts of the vice-presidency that is one of seven other administrations of the University, guided by, His Excellency, the President.


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