The Brand Management Unit in Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University set out with a clear and mature vision to create a sophisticated and exceptional visual image of the university that is befitting and capable of and uplifts the university within its community and without. IAU is considered one of the leading Arab universities that has assigned a specialized team to achieve this vision.

Throughout the Unit’s journey and since it was established it has become a role model on various levels in representing the university with a sophisticated, exceptional and consistent within all the visual means either printed or electronic. 

In the university’s facilities, official celebrations and events to accomplish achieve obtain a tangible and supportive role in IAU’s Vision to be a leading University that achieves distinction nationally, regionally and internationally. And the Kingdoms 2030 Vision.

Who are we?

The Brand Management Unit has a multitalented team who are specialized in Interior design, Graphic design, Programming and English language and are proud IAU graduates. The team set out with the University’s seven values in mind: Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity and Social Responsibility.

Who are our beneficiaries?

We welcome website updates and design requests from vice presidencies, deanships, directorates, colleges, centers, the university hospital, and its affiliated medical centers. And we give high priority to projects that represent the University within the community or on a larger scale. We apologize for not being able to provide our services to students, student clubs, or private services for employees or faculty members. Also, we do not provide services to small events that do not represent the University such as retirement or personal promotion celebrations. Nevertheless, in the future we aspire to be able to provide our services to all University affiliated members. Furthermore, we have provided a full description of IAU’s identity as well as design templates that could be uploaded and used by all members of the University. 

IAU Brand

Our Services

The Brand Management Unit offers three main services which are:

Resources and Templates

Contact Us

Brand Management Unit

Unit Email: website@iau.edu.sa

  • Interior Design Team
    Phone: 35965
  • Graphic Design Team
    Phone: 33737
  • Website Team
    Phone: 33137, 33740 
  • Director Njood Almarshd
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