The Graphic Design Department supervises the visual identity of the university and ensures that it is applied to all printed and electronic mediums to the highest quality standards. It also plays a substantial role in designing projects which are affiliated with the university and official forums. Including designing interior wall murals in cooperation with the Interior Design Team.

 The department provides graphic designs for all university departments. These projects are divided into two types: medium to small projects and large projects. As follows:

A. Small to Medium-Sized Projects

Types and Duration

Small Projects

Medium Size Projects


Projects that are needed on a continuous and periodical basis. And are required within a short period and could be finished quickly from 2 to 5 workdays. 

Projects that are not held on a continuous and periodical basis. They take a longer period to achieve, around 3 or more weeks and are for internal uses. 


One or two of the following are permitted at the same time:

  • Email Ads
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Rollups
  • Backdrops
  • Name tags
  • Invitations
  • Social Media Ads
  • Microsoft Word templates
  • Book or report cover
  • Internal book sections
  • A Guide (6 to 20 pages)
  • Brochure
  • Limited area events that consist of, banners, rollups, invitations, and name tags.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates

Latest time to apply for a design 

No later than 3 workdays from the actual start date of the event.

No later than 14 workdays from the actual start date of the event.

Project start to finish time

2 to 7 workdays.

5 to 20 workdays


If the project requires more than two of the mentioned above types, then the project will be considered as a medium sized project.

If the number of pages is greater than 20 pages, then the project will be considered as a large sized project. Therefore, you must read the large size projects' section.

Important notes: 

  • Small and medium projects are executed according to only to the affiliated department's or the university's identity.
  • Open templates including covers and general formatting are provided for reports, booklets, and presentation requests. The templates are filled out by the client. The Brand Management Unit's role is limited to designing reports issued by the President's office and some other exceptional reports that have an importance in representing the university on a wide range. 
  • For repeated requests by a client such as email advertisements, an open designed template will be provided and filled out by the client.

Requirements and procedures

  • Requests are submitted through official mediums only

The Brand Management Unit's E-mail and Freshdesk system are the only official means of communication to receive requests, follow-ups, and content approvals whereas the telephone is for communication and inquiries.

  • Considering the Duration Before Submitting a Request

 Each design follows a timeframe that is linked to the request's type and size as mentioned in this guide. Submitting a request should not exceed the fixed duration.

-  Please take the following into consideration:

  1. The unit has the right to reject any request that is submitted later than its fixed duration
  2. Design duration might decrease or increase in accordance with the unit's workload circumstances
  3. Occasionally, work in the unit might be suspended for a large university project therefore we will not be able to provide our services during such times.
  4. If a request is submitted for an event that will be held months later and there are previous design requests. This request might be scheduled for a later time, but we ensure you that the project will be sent to you on time.
  5. If a request consists of two or more small projects, then it will be dealt with as a medium-size project. Therefore, you must submit a request ahead of time. Likewise, if your request exceeds the mentioned medium size project then it will be classified as a large project.
  • Provide Final and Approved Content

After final and approved content has been submitted, the request will be reviewed and given a scheduled date. It is prohibited to replace the content with a new one after the design process starts because editing and changing the content after finalizing the design will affect the specified duration for the project and will affect other project's process. Nevertheless, two small changes during the design process are allowed.

  • Providing High-Resolution Logos and Photos

All logos needed by the project should be provided such as cooperative agencies logos. It might be required to contact cooperating agencies to send an appropriate copy of their logo. And if other photos are available to use in the project, ownership rights must be verified and should have a DPI-300 resolution. (Please review the Brand Management Unit's Photography Guide).

It is important to clarify all related details before submission, which includes design type, due date, publish location or design usages as well as sizes and any other remarks we must be aware of before starting with the design.

  • Considering the Necessary Printing Duration

If the design requires printing, the duration must be taken into consideration, and it should be sent ahead of time to be printed without compromising the time required for the designing process. Contacting the publishing agency (the Printing Press or the Public Relations) is the client's role because the unit's role ends after the design is delivered. 

  • It is unallowed to make personal adjustments to the design after submission by the Brand Management Unit.

All design rights are reserved for the Brand Management Unit. Therefore, it is unauthorized to copy the designs or edit them without prior approval from the unit. Excluding if designs were provided as Adobe format.

B. Large Projects

Types and Duration

These projects have various requirements and take a longer time to achieve. The duration might range from one month to more. Most of these projects represent the University on a wider range and this reflects the importance of such projects which explains why it takes a considerable time and effort to achieve.

  • A logo for a large event
  • An identity
  • A large event or a campaign such as: Graduation Ceremonies, The National Day, Career Day, Exhibitions, forums... etc. 
  • A book, annual report, or a guide that exceeds 40 pages.
  • Detailed infographic
  • Trophies and Souvenirs
  • Product design
  • Artwork design 

Design Duration

  • It cannot be determined unless the type of project is clearly defined. Most large projects last for over a month or more. 

Latest time for request submission

  • If the project is for an event, a submission should be no less than 70 workdays, 50 workdays will be for other projects stated above.

To learn about large projects process and requirements we invite you to review our detailed services guide via this link


  • I tried to contact you via telephone to request a design and I was informed that the request cannot be accepted on the telephone?

The email and Freshdesk system will allow you to track your request and it is the only official way to receive requests and remarks. Requests received through any other means will not be accepted. Click here to view the (how to use the Freshdesk System guideline). Nevertheless, we welcome any inquires and follow-ups through the telephone.

  • I have an urgent request with a two-day deadline, can you assist me?

Check the project's timeline schedule. Please be aware that we are committed to other projects which we are obligated to finish before starting a new project. Therefore, we advise you to submit your request ahead of time to be served appropriately.

  • I personally designed a guide that is needed urgently and ready to be printed, could your team assist me in redesigning it?

You mentioned that the guide is needed urgently, and we cannot start instantly on a project because we are committed to a work schedule, and we cannot serve you immediately when it is fully booked but we are more than pleased to provide you with a design consultation.  

  • I have my college's annual report, do you provide a complete design for it?

A Microsoft Word template and a cover page are provided for annual reports. This template will be filled out by you or any of your team members. We only provide complete annual report designs for the President's and vice presidencies' offices as well as some other exceptional reports that represent the university on a wider scale.   

  • I have a student club that is college-related, will you design events and advertisements for us?

We apologize but we cannot extend our services to students or student clubs as well as personal services for employees or faculty members. Also, small events that do not represent the university such as retirement ceremonies or personal promotions. 

  • I want a unique logo design for my department, can you provide this for me?

The University's identity design regulations prohibit that any official department in the university uses any logo other than its official logo.   

I want to request a compliments design for my college, is this possible?

Regarding public occasions such as Eid, the National Day, pledge of alliances… etc. we prepare a unified design for the university that you can use once they are completed. But we cannot design a customized card for each agency.

  • Who is responsible for contacting the University's Printing Press to complete the printing process for a project?

The unit provides design services only and our task is complete when the designs are sent to you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the University's Printing Press. We advise you to take the printing process time into consideration when applying for a project and contacting the printing press in advance to book a slot in their working schedule.

  • I understand that you have a work schedule, but I have an important design request for my department, I hope you will consider this and finish it urgently.

Apologies, but we cannot start on a late project because all submitted projects have their own importance. Therefore, please consider submitting your request ahead of time. 

  • Does the Brand Management Unit provide a budget for executing projects?

The Brand Management Unit provides design services only, therefore a project's budget should be arranged by the client. 

  • I have a large event, when should I submit a ticket?

You should submit a request no later than two months if the event is of a large scale because we do not start on a project immediately because we are committed to previously submitted projects. Always consider submitting your request in advance attached with the complete content so we can be able to serve you appropriately.

  • I have a 30-page report, and I was informed by your team that it will take a while to prepare and design, why is that?

We cannot calculate the work time needed for reports because the time frame is not known through the number of pages but by the content type. Some reports require a longer time to design due to the availability of graphs, schedules, and texts that need longer formatting.

  • After the team finishes designing a document, can we edit it from our side?

You can edit the design but keep in mind that the programs we use to design a document are different from Microsoft Office programs and cannot be converted. Therefore, you must have knowledge of the required programs to be able to edit the documents.

  • I wish to choose specific colors for an event, is this possible?

We welcome your suggestions if the colors suggested are compatible with the university's identity. .

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