Interior Design

This department in cooperation with the Graphic Design Team provides interior designs for the university's facilities, formal ceremonies, and events.

These projects are divided into two types: small to medium projects and large projects, as follows:

Small to Medium projects

Small to medium projects are the projects that are needed periodically, within a short period, and could be designed within 5 to 14 workdays. The work on small to medium projects does not include the executing phase. Execution requests are submitted individually through our Freshdesk system which is subject to the Interior Design project execution request policies.


Small Projects: 

  • Renovating interior zones: furniture distribution – lighting adjustments
  • Specific wall treatment: Wall coverings - lighting adjustments

Medium size projects:

  • Event booth design, with a space no larger than 16 square meters.
  • Interior design for a space that is no larger than 16 square meters.
  • Notice: These types of projects require IAU's President's prior approval.


The time to schedule a project is subjected to the following:

  • Availability of all documents and requirements mentioned below
  • The intensity of previously scheduled projects


  1. Determine the design site and provide its necessary blueprints (preferably in AutoCAD format). If you have any important remarks or suggestions, please provide them before our team starts the design process.
  2. Determine the budget set for design execution to provide a design proposal that is suitable.
  3. Attach interior zone photos with concentration on the details you desire to be designed.
  4. If the required design is an interior zone renovation with available furniture and accessories, please provide a list of the available pieces: furniture – lights - plants
  5. If the design includes mural graphic designs, then the scheduling of the project will be in unison with the graphic design work timeline and requirements 
  6. If the request is for designing an event that will be held in one month or more. The request might be postponed to the following week if there are other design requests which will be held in a preceding time.
  7. If the design request requires execution as well, you must take this into consideration and send a design request ahead of time so we will have enough time to complete the project.
  8. If your ticket consists of more than two of the mentioned examples it will be classified as a large project, therefore you should submit your request ahead of time according to the large project's duration.
  9. The project will not be added to the work schedule unless all requirements are fulfilled.
  10. Our role is complete after the designs are sent to the client. You are free to contact external executing agencies or to submit a separate request for execution supervision.

Large Projects

These types of projects are characterized by having various requirements and a longer completion period which is no less than one month from startup. Most of these projects represent the university on a large scale, therefore the time to prepare such projects will be lengthened due to their importance and because they consume much effort and time to complete.


  • Event booth design, larger than 16 square meters
  • Complete interior design for a zone that is larger than 16 square meters. This type requires the president's approval.
  • A large-scale educational institutions event that consists of exhibitions, conferences, and events.

Before and After Duration

The duration for scheduling a project is subjected to the following:

  • Availability of all documents and requirements to be able to receive accurate price quotations from contractors.
  • A lag time to receive various price quotations which cannot be predicted because it is subjected to the contractor (third party).
  • Previously scheduled projects' work intensity
  • Implementation of projects ranges from one month to more according to the project work scope.

General notes: 

  • The Freshdesk system is the only approved medium to receive content and remarks. Therefore, content and remarks received through any other medium will be discarded.
  • The project's duration will be calculated when the project is added to the work schedule and not upon submission because the team is usually committed to previously scheduled projects.
  • The mentioned duration might be subject to change according to the unit's circumstances:
  • In some periods of the year the unit's work schedule is cleared to work on a large IAU-related project therefore, we apologize for not being able to serve you during these times.

To learn about large projects process and requirements we invite you to review our detailed services guide via this link



  • I tried contacting you through the telephone to request a project but there was no answer?
    The extension number is available for inquires only whereas, request submission must be through the Freshdesk system which is the only official medium to receive requests.
  • I have an urgent request within two days, will you be able to assist me?
    Please review the project requirements timeline and be aware that we are committed to previously submitted projects. Therefore, always try to submit your request ahead of time to better serve you.
  • I have a student club that is affiliated to a college, do you provide event design services for student clubs?
    We do not provide design services for student clubs, but we will be pleased to arrange a technical consultation for you.
  • Do you communicate with the executing agencies?
    Communication with executing agencies is among the client's task because our role is complete when final designs are sent to you.

    Please submit an independent request if you prefer that the supervision of the execution process be implemented by the Brand Management Team. Also, we advise that you consider the project execution duration when submitting the project.

  • I have an urgent request for a director or a VIP person, can I submit it?
    We apologies for not accepting urgent projects on the expense of prescheduled projects because each project has its importance to its clients.
  • Do you provide a budget for execution?
    The Brand Management Unit is an exclusive design agency therefore, an executing budget is not provided.
  • We have a large event coming up, when should I submit my application?
    The application should be submitted no less than two months. Please review the timeline for executing large projects because we do not start with projects as soon as received. Scheduling projects take some time due to previously scheduled tasks and projects.
  • I wish to choose certain colors for an event we will be holding, can I specify them?
    We welcome your remarks if they coincide with the university's identity's colors. (Color's hyperlink)

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