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Manage and develop the university's official website through creating internal pages, updating content, adding news and events, and updating them periodically. Also, continuously checking the content's quality and the main interface to become in line with the university's identity and Vision.

Website Requests Process

Website Requests Process

  • First Step: Assigning an official representative from every department who is responsible for sending requests:
    A representative is an employee who is assigned by the department and will be responsible for contacting the unit to provide webpage content and all required materials related to the department's webpage. Requests will be accepted only by the official representative. To learn more about the representative's duties check the representatives' duties section.
    The representative should send a request via the unit's email: website@iau.edu.sa

  • Second Step: receiving the request through the ticketing system.
    Your request will be received as a ticket in the helpdesk ticketing system. The system will automatically issue a serial number for your request. The issuance of this number does not mean that we have started or that we have added it to our work schedule, it is a reference number for you and our team to be able to follow up on the request's status.

  • Third Step: Reviewing the request and assuring it has met the required criteria.
    After receiving the ticket, the team will review the request to assure that it has met the required criteria and all English and Arabic content is provided. In the case that your request has not met up with all detail and content requirements, we will contact you to complete the requirements to add it to the work schedule. If you do not receive a reply within 5 workdays, we welcome you to contact us via email or through the website team's ext. 33137.

  • Fourth Step: Adding the request to the work schedule and start the work process.
    If your request is complete, it will be added to the work schedule and we will inform you of the scheduled work date. Event and news requests are a priority in the work schedule whereas other requests such as page creation, updates and file uploading will be worked on according to the available slots in the work schedule and the request sequence. We urge you to always send the request ahead of time so you can receive an appropriate completion time. We will start working on you request according to the specified date and you will receive a reply once it is achieved.

The Website Representative's Role

Website representatives for various departments

  • An official representative should be assigned for every department by the management and the Brand Management Unit should be informed through an official email with the representative's name, email and contact number. Communication concerning all related issues will be held between the assigned representative and the unit. It is advised that every department in the college or administration should have their own representative who contacts the higher official representative or management. If the representative is on leave or not available for some other reason, we urge you to appoint a deputy to replace him/her in his/her duties and inform the unit of this change.

The Website Representative Role

  1. Send all webpage requirements via email: website@iau.edu.sa.
  2. Provide the unit with the required content in accordance with website rules and regulations as well as reviewing and assuring that the content is applicable.
  3. Following up on your Freshdesk tickets and answering any instructions, requests or inquires that are received through the system.
  4. Monthly review of the department's webpage content and inform the unit of any updates or changes.
  5. Review the list of faculty members at the end of every semester and inform us if there are any updates such as: omission, addition, promotion, or position change.
  6. Informing the unit of any changes in administrative positions such as newly assigned deans or department heads.

Guidelines for Adding and Updating Content

Guidelines for adding and updating content

  • Content must be sent in a separate request for each page.
  • Content should be sent in a text or Word format.
  • The content should be in both English and Arabic because any content sent in one language will not be published due to website restrictions.
  • News and event content should be in a proper news style. 
  • Audit and review the grammatical style of the content before submission.
  • Add the required webpage link for fast access.
  • Follow the content quality regulations

The following schedule illustrates the information needed before adding content and publishing it on the website: 

Content Type

Primary Content

(will not be published without it)

Secondary Content
(if available)


  • News title in English and Arabic, the title should not exceed 85 letters.
  • Detailed news text in English and Arabic
  • A related photo for the news (according to the website's photo guidelines)
  • Mention if there are any other related departments.
  • Attachments if available
  • Previously related published news and events.


  • The event title (English and Arabic) should not exceed 85 letters.
  • Detailed event text in English and Arabic
  • Event location 
  • Start and end time of the event
  • Start and end date of the event
  • A related photo for the event (according to the website's photo guidelines)
  • Mention if there are any other related departments.
  • Determine event type 
  • Determine target audience 
  • Attachments
  • Registration link if applicable
  • Previously related published news and events.


(PDF, DOC, PPT, etc.)

  • Provide the link of the page or pages where the attachment is required to be added (or the title of a new page in English and Arabic in case of publishing a new webpage)
  • The title of the file in English and Arabic
  • Provide files in English and Arabic if applicable.

Faculty Members and Staff Files

  • Faculty or staff's full name in English and Arabic.
  • Position information. College / administration / hospital that he/she works in.
  • The department that the faculty or staff belongs to.
  • Faculty or staff's IAU email
  • Extension number or personal telephone number.
  • CV file
  • The CV file should be in the official CV template (attached here) and in a PDF format
  • Providing a brief of the faculty member or staff.
  • Provide information on scientific qualifications for faculty members/staff.
  • Provide Social Media links such as (Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – LinkedIn – Flicker – Instagram) 
  • Provide research links: (Google Scholar – Scopus – Thomson Reuters – Research Gate – ID)
  • Provide a list of research publications.
  • Providing an official high-quality photo for the faculty member with a dimension no larger than 1280x960 pixels with a (png – gif – jpg - jpeg) extension and the file should not be larger than 1 MB.
  • Providing two copies of your CV, one in English and one in Arabic (in the official template)
  • Provide building and office information.

Attached files

  • Determine the page you wish to add the file in (either already available or to be published)
  • The title of the file in English and Arabic
  • You must consider that photos used on any page of the website should be:
Academic Programs 
  • Determine the track that the program follows
  • Determine the college that the program follows
  • Determine the programs required gender

Additional pages

  • Determine the department that the webpage is affiliated to
  • Provide the title of the page required to be added (Arabic and English)
  • Provide the required text in an open format that could be copied and pasted.
  • Determine where you wish the page to be added.
  • Provide any other required content for the page.

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