In response to the international acceleration of the digital transformation and the increasing impact and risks associated with the processing of personal data, IAU has established the Data Management Office (DMO) in accordance with the decision of H.E., President of the University, No. 42708, dated 4/7/1442H in accordance with Higher Decree No. 59766, dated 20/11/1439H, which provides for the establishment of a national data management office and DMOs in all government institutions for the control, organization, structuring and management of data assets, as well as the improvement of these essential sources for decision-making, so that the IAU can continuously contribute to meeting the requirements of development in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030 and its strategic direction.


Excellence in managing the University's national data to further the IAU's vision and strategic goals.


Managing the IAU's national data along with digitization, developing and enabling the enhancement of the assets, capacities, and protection of sensitive and personal data through the development of policies, legislations, guidelines, and criteria issued by the NDMO to support their application and ensure compliance.


  1. Developing strategies that digitize, enable, and enhance national assets and capabilities.
  2. The development of systems, policies, standards, and criteria for the management and protection of data at the university level.
  3. Support internal entities in the application of systems, policies, and standards for managing and protecting data. 
  4. Monitor internal entities’ compliance with data control policies and criteria by establishing performance measurement indicators.
  5. Develop strategies and software to leverage the University's data and use it to support decision-making and research projects.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Identify the requirements and needs of the DMO to contribute to the accomplishment of its assigned tasks.
  • Establish criteria for communication control between the Office and relevant entities within and outside the University.
  • Control of communication between the NDMO and the various bodies of the IAU.
  • Follow-up of data from administrative and academic institutions affiliated with the IAU according to the platform's annual report forms (Adaa).
  • Provide technical solutions and services to IAU affiliated entities.
  • Unification of standards for handling data in all IAU bodies.
  • Facilitate and carefully monitor real-time to improve IAU financial data.
  • Reduce the cost of operating information technology and the teams assigned to produce the annual report, and reduce errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies.
  • Increase credibility and integrity of available data.
  • Perform new analysis as needed.
  • Reduce the cost of accessing old data.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the supervisor of the Strategic Planning Unit.
  • Provide data for research purposes.

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Published on: 10 October 2022
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