The value of the DSU in universities and institutions of higher education is increasing over time due to the rapid pace of work and the amount of data and information transferred between the university administration and its clients within the scope of their influence inside and outside the university. It is certain that universities that will delay the start of this track may remain inferior to their competitors from previous universities. The benefits of thinking in establishing the University's decision support unit are:

  • Standardize data handling across the enterprise.
  • Unify the sources of data collection and thus trust in its outputs where there is no dispute about the correct source of each piece.
  • The possibility of merging data from multiple sources.
  • Increasing the return on investment for all activities and service events (knowledge, research, professional) and development within the university as a result of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making.
  • Savings in sources of expenditure due to the speed, accuracy and integrity of information and then decisions.
  • Easy and accurate real-time identification to enhance the financial data of the University.
  • Reduce the costs of IT operations and the task force dedicated to reporting and to reporting unnecessary errors, inconsistencies and redundancies.
  • Increase the credibility and integrity of available data.
  • Conduct new types of analysis as needed.
  • Reduce the cost of accessing old data.
DSU History
Published on: 28 August 2018
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