The University president issued directive No. 455/2 p.s. on 11/18/1433 AH or 11/12/2012 CE and appointed Dr. Abdullah bin Hussein bin Abdulrahman Alkadi as the University Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service.

The overall objective of the Office of the University Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service is to continue the development and enhancement of Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University, both in academics and infrastructure through activities and plans. One example of this is the ongoing training and development of everyone involved at the University, including faculty, staff, as well as students in order to improve their performance.  To do this effectively, it is imperative that the quality standards and development initiatives that have already been proven to be beneficial at renowned universities worldwide are adopted and applied at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University.


Our vision is to optimally develop the University's academic, administrative and community sectors in accordance with international quality standards and take into account the values ​​of the community and data from the local environment.


Our mission is to reallize the University’s vision for development in the academic, administrative and community development areas, through positive cooperation with all stakeholders inside and outside the University, while activating overall quality systems, sensitive to the Islamic values ​​of the community.  This will help protect and conserve the environment and ensure that sustainable development methods are implemented and that proper utilization of both human and natural resources takes place at the University.

Goal and Objectives

The goal of Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University’s Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service is to implement well thought out and innovative development initiatives in the academic, administrative and community sectors that will give our students, both female and male, a world class university education that incorporates not just academics and research, but also exposes them to the rewarding experience of serving their community.  This in turn will positively contribute to the University’s overall ranking among universities locally, regionally and globally.

In accordance with this stated goal, the following objectives have been derived;

  • Improve the internal and external level of efficiency of the University for continuous development and eliminate various forms of waste and their causes.
  • Establish academic and educational practices in accordance with those practiced at preeminent universities worldwide.  This will benefit the University in its academic evaluations and in its accreditation process by adhering to professional academic standards.
  • Develop cooperation and partnerships with renowned and respected universities worldwide through twinning and cooperation agreements.
  • Continue the development of human resources at the University (faculty members, administrators, staff, technicians and students) and value their input, while encouraging creativity through positive thinking and innovation.
  • Develop the University's administrative system to consolidate work principles and modern scientific methods such as management, strategic planning and comprehensive quality management, operation engineering and commitment to its styles and standards to improve all sectors of the University.
  • Promote the transition to electronic transaction systems in all areas of administration, education, scientific research and community service; and benefit from the application of the techniques of modern information and communication in improving the individual and institutional performance levels, while maintaining the human and material resources of the University.
  • Strengthen and improve the operations of the University by becoming a leading e-university in order to be able to reach all regions of the Kingdom through distance education.
  • Establish communication between the University and the various community institutions and employ the full potential of the University, its knowledge and experience in the treatment of societal problems and find solutions to elevate society.

The Nature and Scope of Work

  • The University Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service is responsible in all matters related to developing the University and guiding it intelligently into the future.
  • Develop the University in all academic, administrative and community sectors.
  • The strategic plan objectives of the University should be compatible with the strategic direction of the Kingdom.
  • Develop and advance the processes and procedures involved in improving the preparedness and professionalism of our graduates.
  • Achieve a level of compatibility between human and material inputs for the various sectors of the University on the one hand and the final output on the other.
  • Empower each administrative or sub-academic unit of the University so that they will participate in the planning, preparation and implementation of development initiatives with regard to the scope of its work, as well as help, support and fully cooperate with the University’s administration.
  • The core activities of the University Vice President’s office are to identify the best practices developed by higher education institutions abroad and to take advantage of them, after aligning them with the University’s priorities.
  • Development has no spatial or temporal limits except for those to preserve the values ​​of society and its religious and national constants.
Published on: 14 April 2014
Last update on: 02 September 2018