Why now?

The continued development and enhancement of Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University, both in the areas of academics and infrastructure is a major goal of the University's strategic plan.  The University strives for excellence, quality and a unique identity in all its administrative, community and academic activities. With these lofty aspirations in mind, the Office of the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service decided to establish the Brand Management Department, BMD.  
BMD was established with the intention of enabling the brand to take a strong hold within the University. This means that all parts of the organization need to consistently reflect a superior image about the University. This is a long-term journey that has already started and will lead to, God willing, the creation of a solid and long lasting reputation for Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University.


Create a distinctive and long lasting perception in the community and with the public at large.


Based on the values of the University: Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity and Social Responsibility are our values.

Our Objective

To establish a BRAND MANAGEMENT Department for Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University whose role is to create the utmost professional image and impression about the University. This image will be projected through all types of visual communication, whether it involves printed materials, electronic media or through the website.
The Department’s key role will be to create a professional identify in order to:

  • Establish a strong reputation for the University - for the external audience.
  • Create strong loyalty and enthusiasm - for internal organization.

The structure of the Brand Management Department

This department consists of multimedia, multitalented, multitasking teams who work as a full-service in-house agency that offers design from start to finish. It is under the supervision of the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service. The department is run by a Project Management Office PMO and consist of the following departments:

  1. Design & Visual Communication Team
    • Creative visual Design Team
    • Print Production Team
  2. Website Team
    • Creative Website Design team
    • Content Management team
    • Technical Support team
  3. Editorial Team
    • Copy Editing (Arabic & English) and Proofreading
    • Translation
  4. Event Design Team
    • Creative Event Design team
    • Event Production team

Contact Us

BMD Office

Email: website@iau.edu.sa

Phone: 33737