What is the IAU-PSU?

The Poll and Survey Unit of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU-PSU) follows the Vice Presidency for Studies, Development and Community Service (VPSDCS). The Unit is specialized in survey studies in various areas of priority to the University and the Saudi society. Its scope may extend to the Gulf Region, the Arab and Islamic Worlds and the whole world. The PSU will make the results of its studies available to various stakeholders as authorized and required such as decision makers, researchers and the public.

What is the Objective of the IAU-PSU in General?

The IAU-PSU aims to contribute to the making of strategic policies and decisions by providing clear and precise indicators to concerned authorities on trends and attitudes of the public and stakeholders involved in various academic, research and community areas of interest to the University and its surrounding community.

What are the Work Areas of the IAU-PSU?

The IAU-PSU is working in three areas:

  • Survey studies: Including studies to measure opinion on issues of concern to decision makers and beneficiaries from both inside and outside the University in various academic, research and community sectors.
  • Capacity building and job skills training: Directed to researchers and practitioners from IAU’s employees of and community organizations interested in surveys’ design, implementation, analysis and measurement using quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Community service: Conducting the studies that assess the needs of the community in development projects and proposals to deal with. Therefore, contributing to achieving the vision and mission of the importance of strengthening interaction and active participation of members of the surrounding community and raising awareness of social and cultural issues of society and nation and the importance of participating in its development.

Who is the target audience of IAU-PSU?

There are many potential beneficiaries of the IAU-PSU; public and private individuals and institutions both inside and outside the University, including:

  • From within the University: students, parents, faculty members, researchers, administrators and decision makers and various departments and directories within the University.
  • From outside the University: employers, ministries, governmental institutions, universities, schools, production institutions, private sector’ agencies, chambers of commerce and syndicates.

What is the expected return of Unit?

The IAU-PSU will achieve many contributions, some of which are:

  • Providing advice to stakeholders in the University and its surrounding community based on scientific research, systemic studies and real-life opinion polls.
  • Improving the performance of University and academic staff through its support of proper decision-making process based on the evidence and proofs and realistic indicators derived from the views of beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Supporting University directions to keep up with the rising aspirations of the beneficiaries and their satisfaction.
  • Providing positive and integrated research climate for public opinion polls and its role in increasing the productivity and quality of services offered by the University.
  • Contributing to the formulation and development of University Strategy in compliance with the national, regional and global variables.
  • ·Contributing to the improvement of the status of University in the world ranking.