Project Management (PM) is a specialized Management Science, which cares about managing any kind of projects that meets personal or institutional goals or objectives (for a person, an institution or a company or even a nation). The Project Management Office (PMO) is a unit in an institution, which is responsible for the development of methodologies for projects management, staff training and applying them to achieve the objectives and the vision.

The establishment of the Project Management Office at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU-PMO), as one of the most important pillars of modern management and governance, is consistent with one of the most important themes of Vision 2030 Kingdom; that is “building an ambitious nation” aiming to achieve "effective government," which pursues transparency financially and administratively, relying on the best successful experiences in this area and requiring accurate and comprehensive data base and system for measuring performance indicators to achieve the strategic goals. This will not be reached without establishing the project management office under scientific modern methods.


Towards Professional, Effective and Modern Management of University Projects


Facilitating positive and supportive environment, which follows international best practices in the management of University projects towards the highest level of efficiency; effectiveness and transparency ensuring that projects and programmes are kept within the scope, budget and timelines and achieve the highest level of benefits and the lowest level of harm to society and the environment.


Excellence, commitment, accuracy, honesty, transparency, teamwork, institutional maturity


The aim of the Project Management Office is to manage the University projects, programmes and initiatives in accordance with international standards and developing tools and skills of projects’ administrators to realize the vision and mission of the University. This aim generates a number of subsidiary goals:

  1. To set standardized project management methodology.
  2. To set policies, mechanisms and templates for project management activities.
  3. To determine priorities for project management activities in coordination with the IAU senior management.
  4. To conduct future planning for programs and projects. 
  5. To develop a management methodology of an interrelated group of projects with connected objectives and separate results.
  6. To apply strategic management approach to portfolios and programs. 
  7. To develop change management methodology during project operation.
  8. To maintain projects governance, monitoring and follow-up.
  9. To provide continuous training and development as needed. 
  10. To set governing mechanism policies to be applied along project life cycle. 
  11. To apply a mechanism for project closing, which guarantees the achievement of the planned objectives and transfers them to repeated processes with repeated objectives that apply quality assurance and improvement standards.

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Published on: 01 February 2018
Last update on: 28 March 2019