Studies and Consultations Unit, is an initiative adopted by the University as part of its Strategic Plan meeting the 2030National Transformation Vision.
The center is the ideal launching pad for the active participation of the University’s creative and Professional Faculty, Researchers and Students in building knowledge based Saudi community.



Achieving stewardship and distinction as a specialized and professional studies and consultation center serving the Saudi Community.



 To maximizing the returns of the University’s human and physical resources, and to meet the Saudi economy – public and private - needs from studies and consultations.



  • The Studies and consultation unit aims to:
  • Release the creative powers of the University’s faculty, researchers and students, and to actively participate in the building of the Saudi community, economically, socially and physically.
  •  To actively participate in the building of the Saudi community and to release the creative powers of the University’s faculty, researchers and students.
  • Contribute to the betterment of the Saudi life, through the active participation of the University’s faculty, researchers and students in the building of the community, physically, socially and economically.



The Unit’s goals may be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. University’s faculty actively participating/contributing in community building;
    • To transform the “Studies and Consultations” unit into a national consulting house on almost every field of knowledge.
    • To link academic expertise to actual market needs.
    • To create the suitable environment for the practical application of academic training and gaining real life experiences in education.
    • Making available - faculties’ varied expertise - to local, regional and national consulting firms.
  2. Expanding research into the actual needs of developing the Saudi community.
    • To direct scientific research to cover the Saudi and GCC market and business needs.
    • Create a knowledge based community through the technology transfer from research to industry applications.
    • Build strategic alliances between the “Studies and Consultations” unit and international consultancies.
    • Know-How transfer, in the areas of professional consultancies, becoming an incubator of professional practice in Saudi Arabia.
  3.  “Studies and Consultations” unit contributing to the sustainability of the University’ resources

    • Generating income for the University.
    • Remuneration for consulting services distributed to faculty, researchers and students.
    • To Offer consultancy services through partnerships with the private sector.
Published on: 12 January 2017
Last update on: 15 January 2017