Welcome to the vice deanship of studies, development and community services at the College of Applied Medical Sciences – Jubail (CAMSJ). Our primary aim at the vice deanship’s office is to support the dean’s mission in creating a stimulating environment for students to thrive and enable competent professionals as they join the workforce in the three bachelor's programs currently running at CAMSJ: Anesthesia Technology, Neuroscience Technology and Respiratory Care

At the office, we keep in contact with our students even after they step out of the door of CAMSJ and IAU. We aim to provide our alumni career development advice and opportunities and take their overall reflections and feedback into consideration as we delve into accreditation processes. We try our best to facilitate the accreditation processes in coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation; we continuously work on maintaining quality assurance systems that facilitate teaching and learning. We support our faculty and staff skill’s development, as we consider them all life-long and self-learners.

Finally, and one of the exciting endeavors we work on is the bridge we create between the CAMSJ family and the community via the social responsibility bank. All community services coming from students, faculty and staff are counted hours through the community service e-gate at IAU. We also create volunteer opportunities via the national volunteer work platform.

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Published on: 02 August 2021
Last update on: 02 August 2021