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2022 Community Services

  • Eat Right & Stay Light.
  • How to Feed Your Baby? 
  • pregnancy Nutrition Awareness Campaign. 
  • Nutrition for Lactating Women Awareness Campaign. 
  • The Importance of Nutrition in Sickle Cell Anemia. 
  • Nutrition Research Networking.
  • World Health Day.
  • World Diabetic Day. 
  • Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign. 
  • Students Research Day.
  • You are goodness and blessing ... Hand in hand for better health. 
  • Publish a monthly newsletter (Fehe Shefa'a).  
  • Translating International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) framework and detailed definitions to Arabic.
  • Nutrition Counseling and Education Webinar. 
  • The Dietitian Role in Eating Disorders Webinar.
  • Simplifying the Complexity of Science to the –Public from Bench to Social Media.
  • A Journey of Sports Dietitian .
  • Clinical Dietitian Role in the Saudi Food and Drug Administration. 
  • Nutritional Journalism.
  • MNT in Oncology Patients Webinar.
  • Nutrition implications in pediatric patients diagnosed with congenital heart disease (CHD) webinar. 
  • "Tholth" initiative (your start towards a better healthy life).

2021 Community Services

  • Weekly health information via the department's social media 
  • World Nutrition Day 
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for COVID-19 
  • Q&A: Nutrition for cancer patients. 
  • Nutrition of the COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit ICU a practical guide. 
  • Healthy nutrition for diabetes children type 1  
  • Don't let diabetes limit your life. 
  • Learn with us how to manage your blood sugar 
  • Nutrition of cardiovascular disease in the community 
  • Nutrition in adolescence 
  • Nutrition during childhood 
  • COVID-19 and the return of life with the vaccine 
  • Draw your Entrepreneurship Future in Dietetics 
  • Nutrition of obesity and immunity in society 
  • Together for a healthy pregnancy 
  • Nutrition of infants. 
  • How to read a food label 
  • Eating disorders. 
  • Nutrition before and after childbirth 
  • Calculation of carbohydrates for diabetics 
  • The health of my body starts from within 
  • Digestive disorders 
  • Food exchange system 
  • Healthy nutrition and boosting the immune system

2020 Community Services

  • Cancer Campaign ( Prevention of colon cancer )
  • Cancer Campaign ( Prevention & treatment from nutritional aspects )
  • Preparing healthy meals for clean workers in different colleges
  • Can Your Genes Tell You What To Eat?
  • Participate in activity of definition of levels
  • World Nutrition Day
  • Meaning efficacy
  • Pediatrics Nutritional assessment
  • A Glance at The Middle East
  • My Health is my life program

2019 Community Services

  • Advances in Pediatric Nutrition; A Multi-disciplinary Approach: Childhood Obesity.
  • 40 x 40 for cancer awareness campaign.
  • Obesity kills.
  • Diabetes Children Activity
  • Therapeutic diet and diabetes mellitus
  • Gluten free workshop
  •  (feed your mind) Activity
  • The second induction seminar for high school students in the Eastern Region
  • Century Disease ,Elixir of Life
  •  How to choose a balanced meal for school children
  • Awareness campaign for pregnant and lactating women
  • students Graduation Ceremony
  • Salad Bar

2018 Community Services

  • Autism Spectrum Program and Its Relationship to Nutrition
  •  Evaluation of the nutritional status of children
  •  Evaluation of the nutritional status of older women
  •  Providing healthy meals for children with special needs
  • JASAD Sports Festival
  •  Movie Day
  •  "(Nutrigenomics), The Ticket To Future Health
  •  Therapeutic diet and diabetes mellitus

2017 Community Services

  •  Activating World Food Day

2016 Community Services

  • Activating World Food Day
  • Nutrition and obesity program

2015 Community Services

    • Health buffet
    • The  Different dietary habits around the world
    • Physical activity program
    • Improving dietary habits

    2014 Community Services

    • Child Nutrition Program
    • balanced food program and environmental activity

    2013 Community Services

    •  Nutrition and diabetes

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