This is an academic and administrative position attached to the dean. It extends assistance in the supervision of the educational, academic, administrative and financial processes and oversees organizing the operations in the female student's divisions of the college. It handles the affairs in the female student's division in the best interest of the operations and in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the university and Higher Education Council. The vice dean reports to the dean of the college and she also serves as a member on the College Council.

The Vice Deanship aims to create an environment that will provide a strong intellectual and inspiring community for students with a commitment for both scientific and ethical values. The deanship tries its best to provide high-quality college services for the satisfaction of our students and solve any problems that may be encountered with the support of the college Dean.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supervises the execution of the college’s strategic plan applicable to the female students. 
  • Manages the college’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs where they relate to the female students. 
  • Coordinates and promotes the college’s relationships inside and outside the university where they relate to the female students. 
  • Supervise availability of all educational, research, administrative and financial requirements of the college where they relate to the female students. 
  • Preserve and protect the college’s mobile and stationary property. 
  • Work on enhancing the mental image of the college. 
  • Execute and follow up on the decisions of the College Council. 
  • Work on developing the administrative and academic operations and functions in the female student's division. 
  • Coordinate and organize the administrative and organizational relationships with the dean, vice deans and department heads, each where concerned regarding the female student divisions. 
  • Prepare and generate comprehensive periodic reports on the progress of the studies and the functional performance in the female student divisions for discussion with the college dean. 
  • Carry out any other duties as may be directed by the college dean and university administration.

Contact us

Dr. Yasmin Yossuf Al Gindan

Vice Dean for Female Students Affairs

Phone: 013-3331324

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