The Islamic Studies Department at the Women’s College of Arts in Dammam was established in 1399-1400 AH/1979-1980 CE in the same year that the College itself was established.  The first class graduated in 1983.

The Department offers three degree programs:

  1. Bachelor
  2. Master
  3. PhD

The new academic plan for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies was implemented during the 2009-2010 academic year.


Pioneer the Islamic sciences locally, regionally and globally.


Prepare distinguished professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in both the academic and workplace realms, continually making strides in scientific research all in accordance with established quality standards, while contributing to serving the community and maintaining an Islamic national identity.


  • Prepare distinguished professionals who are conversant and up-to-date with changes both locally and internationally.
  • Educate and inform the community about its unique scientific heritage and Islamic culture and introduce them to other cultures in order to achieve a greater understanding and promote intercultural communication.
  • Promote scientific research in order to properly address urgent and pressing developments.
  • Improve the skills of the students in order to effectively meet the requirements of the job market.
  • Initiate and develop scientific partnerships with both public and private entities in the society.
  • Engender an Islamic identity and its legislative values in the students that are reflected in their conduct and behavior.
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