In a spirit to motivate the next generation to innovate and create innovative projects that contribute to the various developmental processes,  Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU) has established an "Entrepreneurship Unit" aimed at consolidating the University's efforts in building professional bridges and a distinguished professional future for male and female students under the decision of the president of the university No. 41691 dated 26/05/1438 AH.

Through this unit, the university aims to be one of a pioneer in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship that supports the young entrepreneurs who have promising projects in the region and provides them with the integrated support for achieving the success of their entrepreneurial projects through the educational resources and seeking to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting the projects locally and globally by establishing strategic partnerships supporting Saudi Vision 2030.

Definition of the Unit

Entrepreneurship is to create an innovative new project that offers added economic efficiency in which resources are managed efficiently and with distinctive competence and ability to provide new economic and administrative activity.
The growth of small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the most important elements helping in providing job opportunities in any economy around the world. Entrepreneurship support programs are considered of the most important goals of the ambitious vision of the year 2030.
Thereby, the unit seeks to promote the pioneering spirit among male and female students who have pilot projects and to equip and arm the leaders of them with the pioneering thinking and spirit to be pioneers in initiatives that distinguish them in their future careers. The support of the unit extends beyond that to include the pilot projects outside the University's boundaries in the society.

The entrepreneur is distinguished as a person who creates a career opportunity for himself and thus opens up multiple opportunities for his employees.