Business Incubator

Business Incubator is the entrepreneurial environment provided by the Entrepreneurship Unit to incubate the promising projects of IAU students by providing the basic business requirements such as the capital, real space for work, mentoring and providing consultants of entrepreneurship for each project, as well as, a committee of IAU academic staff to follow up the various plans of the financial, marketing and technical projects, etc.
Moreover, one of the missions of the Business Incubator is to provide all means of support for each incubated project and to connect it with the market either through the partners of the unit or through the investors of the small projects.

Business Incubator Services

  1. Assist in developing the work plans of the incubated projects.
  2. Provide legal, marketing, financial and accounting consultancies to develop the project's strategy.
  3. Continuous follow-up and support and provide various aspects of support for developing and achieving success of the project.
  4. Communicating with funders and investors, such as banks and private sector to facilitate the financial support.
  5. Build relationships with entities and organizations in the Saudi market.
  6. Organize workshops on general and specialized topics to develop the skills of the incubated persons.
  7. Share incubated projects in the exhibitions and conferences.
  8. Provide permanent headquarters throughout the incubation's period of the project for both sexes and ensuring the privacy through providing an office prepared with all basic equipment (office, computer, chair, locker, Internet, printer).
  9. Multiple meeting rooms, workshops and conferences.
  10. Maintenance, cleaning, security and reception services.
  11. Provide a rest area for the incubated persons.