The logo of the entrepreneurship unit is designed according to the accredited identity stereotypes of IAU by using the main logo of the university with the addition of the name of the entrepreneurship unit below it in Arabic and English languages, while preserving the University's identity using the colors and the logo's line.

The identity is designed to reflect the objectives and vision of the unit in the direction of motivating the next generation to innovate and create various innovative projects and to be one of the most important pioneers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. From this perspective, the triangles and lines inspired from the identity of the university were used in a way that symbolizes and indicates to its rising up towards the top and excellence.

As for the colors, the four main colors of the university's identity were chosen. These four colors represent the different four tracks: health, engineering, science and administration tracks and the track of arts and education. It was formed in four rectangles at italic at a 45 degree angle similar to the university identity and in using of the four colors as an indication and sign of its containment and welcoming to all the tracks and colleges for male and female students.