Incubator Adopted Projects

Incubated Projects Section:

Four projects have been incubated, namely:

  • The "Rock–paper–scissors" projects, one of the three winning projects in the 1st edition of the best plan of action, and one of the projects won one in an event of OQAL.
  • Project "Don’t Dis" is one of the three projects winning in the competition of the best plan of action in its 1st Edition.
  • Project "Advice" is the project winning the vote in the 22nd Event of OQAL held at the university.
  • Project "Laundry Locker" is one of the pioneering projects that were presented in the 22nd Event of OQAL and the second place winner.

The accelerated Projects Section:
Two projects were supported that are:

  • Project "Withaq", is the winning project in the Event of OQAL held in Al-Muhaidib Company and the prize value worth Ten Thousand Saudi Riyals.