Given the importance of an integrated system of entrepreneurship and strengthening the partnerships and cooperation with the local bodies and the surrounding society to develop a pioneering entrepreneurship ecosystem  for the university's personnel, the university's president has issued the decision # 41691 dated 26/05/1438 AH on the establishment a unit for entrepreneurship aiming to consolidate all the different efforts of the university's entrepreneurship programs and keeping all of them under one system that aims to:

  • Developing the pioneering thinking concept among students and personnel of the university and qualify them to enhance their competitiveness either to establish "entrepreneurial projects" or to develop "the career pioneering thinking".
  • Incubating and encouraging the promising projects in the business incubator of the unit.
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the university through providing workshops, presentations and events competent to entrepreneurship and various periodic occasions that would support the orientations and objectives of the unit.
  • Documenting the pioneering experiences and converting them into scientific materials that contributes to benefiting from the pioneering experiences and disseminating them to be the main scientific source for it.
  • Entering into partnerships and agreements with the internal and external bodies to support the Saudi Vision 2030, in developing and enhancing the concept of the entrepreneurship ecosystem  among the university's students.