Achieving excellence in the application of national and international quality standards
Leading academic excellence


To instill a culture of quality in academic development based on national and international accreditation standards and continuously improving college's ranking

1. Preparing the schedule of end term presentations, end term presentation report and end term presentation action plan.
2. Responsible for creation/updating of Program Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes, Performance Indicators, Program Mapping and rubrics.
3. Measuring the PLOs and CLOs attainment (direct/indirect), archiving cycle data and developing closing the loop action plan
4. Presenting program in program advisory meetings (Presentation, Minutes and Action plan formulation)
5. Following up the progress on closing the loop action plan, end semester presentation action plan, program advisory action plan
6. Preparing and archiving ABET self-study report
7. Raw data and analysis result of Exit Survey
8. Collecting and reviewing course portfolios
9. Coordination with Academic Accreditation Unit
10. Prepare the Annual Program Report NCAAA.
11. Collaborate with other committees for annual data collection

  • Raw data and analysis result of Employer Survey [COOP Unit]
  • Raw data and analysis result of Alumni Survey [Alumni & Career Planning Unit]
  •  Raw data and analysis result of Faculty Survey [Faculty Search Committee]
  •  Annual Year wise student enrolment data [Academic Affair Unit]
  • Annual Program Graduate Data [Academic Affair Unit]
  • Student Achievement Data [Student Activity Committee]
  •  Faculty Publication Record [Scientific Research Unit]
  • Faculty Development Workshops Data [Teaching and Learning Unit]
  • Labs Data (List of Equipment and List of Software) [IT Unit]
  • Annual Faculty Strength, faculty list, cv along with qualification [Faculty Search Committee]
  •  Faculty workload [Department Coordinator]
  • List of Faculty Members supporting from other colleges [Department Coordinator]
  • Updated version of Student Handbook [Student Advisory Unit]
  •  Updated version of Program Catalog [Curriculum Unit]
Published on: 02 September 2021
Last update on: 02 September 2021