The R&D unit aims to enhance the quality of scientific research and educational experiences, provide a distinctive research environment among faculty members and students to improve research skills, and to encourage high-quality research to align with IAU objectives and Kingdom’s vision 2030.


To be a key leader in the development and advancement of research in topics relevant to the national and international community.


To create the appropriate structure for the development of scientific research and to support multi-disciplinary research where faculty and students are inspired and challenged to push the boundaries of knowledge creation and supporting community.


1. Design and suggest policies, procedures, and guidelines related to the R&D unit.
2. Develop plans to achieve relevant performance Indicators as per the college's strategic plan
3. Prepare the unit’s plan that takes into consideration the research interests of faculty members.
4. Communicate with different deanships, administrations to explain research services of the university to the faculty members, to ensure the following and aligning of research with IAU scientific & research policy and procedures.
5. Train and improve research skills of faculty members, undergrade students and postgraduate students through specialized courses, lectures, and workshops.
6. Enhance research culture and develop research ecosystem of students and launch Research Assistants Program to collaborate with existing CBA faculty members.
7. Establish research groups among the college, with focus to accommodate BS and MS students and connecting with international community.
8. Identify research priorities in the Kingdom and assign focus groups for these topics.
9. Invite professionals and practitioners to conduct workshops or seminars about industry gaps and needs.
10. Facilitate and provide information related to funded and non-funded research grants and encourage faculty members to apply.
11. Seek funds from businesses and other organizations to increase CBA’s resource base.
12. Increase collaboration with national and international business schools in conducting distinguishing research.
13. Partnership with well know institutions such as IEEE/Springer/Elsevier/Emerald.
14. Publicly recognize research contributions and reward the overall research achievements of individual researchers.
15. Enhance the CBA image through various activities and registering in ORCID, Google Scholar, Scopus ID, Researchgate, LinkedIn etc.
16. Originate CBA name tagged International Journal with ISSN and indexing with Scopus and then Web of Science (WOS).

Members Names

  1. Dr. Bashair Althani (Head) - Chairman
  2. Dr. Maqsood Mahmud – Advisor
  3. Dr.Yusuf Akinwale
  4. Mr.Faisal Alsalim
  5. Ms. Ghaida Alhooshani
  6. Ms.Noura Alsakar
  7. Ms.Hayfa Albassam
  8. Mr.Talha Sarfaraz

Scientific Research Groups (RG)

(CBA's Officially Registered Groups for Year 2020-21)

Following are officially registered research groups under the Scientific Research Unit, Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. These groups are open for national and international collaboration under the rules of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam.

1. Business Reinforcement, Intelligence and Cybersecurity (BRICS) RG (www.brics.org / www.iau.edu.sa/cba/rg/brics)

Research Group Leader: Dr. Maqsood Mahmud Khan
Contact: mMahmud@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr. Bashair Althani, Ms. Noora Alsakar, ,Ms. Hayfa, Mr. Talha Sarfaraz,
Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman (CS Department, IAU),
International Collaborators:
Dr.Hisham Alkholidy (SUNYPOLY University, USA),
Muhammad Rahman, (Florida International University, USA)
CBA Research Assistants (Marwa Adnan Alahmadi, Lolwah Alqoroni, Leena Aljabr)

2. Energy and Transportation (ET) RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Atiq W. Siddiqui
Contact: awsiddiqui@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr. Syed Arshad Raza, International Collaborators

3. Entrepreneurial Marketplace (EM) RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Mohammad Alshakh
Contact: mealshaikh@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr.Kamran Siddiqui

4. Critical Analysis Vision and Mission RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Kamran Siddiqui
Contact: kasiddiqui@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr.Fisal Aftab, Dr.Khaled Bomtai, Dr.Shabir Ahmed,

5. Data/Business Analytics RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Yazeed Alsuhaibany
Contact: ymalsuhaibany@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: COOP Research Assistants

6. Supply Chain Management/Design RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Tahir Iqbal
Contact: timuniruddin@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr.Atiq Siddiqui, Dr.Syed Raza, Dr.Tariq Al-Tayyab, and Shabir Ahmad.

7. Behavioral Finance Trends RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Ibrahim Alsedrah
Contact: italsedrah@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr. Elhachemi and Anoud Alsaab,

8. Entrepreneur Finance Evaluation RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Muhammed Elahi
Contact: maelahi@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr.Kamran Siddiqui, Ishtiaq Bajwa

9. Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Paradigms RG

Research Group Leader: Dr.Amna M. A. Klibi
Contact: amklibi@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr. Shagufta Kashif

10. Managing Human Resources Trends RG

Research Group Leader: Dr. Hoda AbuAlsamh
Contact: "Hoda Mahmoud AboAlsamh" <hmAboAlsamh@iau.edu.sa>
Team Members: COOP Research Assistants

11. Accounting RG

Research Group Leader: Prof. Asma Khatoon Hussain
Contact: akhusain@iau.edu.sa
Team Members: Dr. Faisal A. Al Hudithi, Dr. Khalid I. Falqi, Prof. Bashir T. Saad, Dr. Adam K. Kyari, Dr. Labaran M. Lawal, Dr. Amna M. Klibi, Ms. Shagufta Kashif, Ms. Ghaida K. Alhooshani, Ms. Alhanouf S. Almubarak, Mr. Mohammed S. Al Saadi, Mr. Omar A. Alshawan, Mr Mohammed A. Alghamdi, Ms. Rawan S. Alturayeif.


Research Report

Published on: 17 March 2021
Last update on: 28 February 2022