The Department of Pharmacy Practice seeks to be a leader in pharmacy education, research and community services. The department provides the basic and advanced coursework in clinical practice, social and administrative pharmacy and practical skills training components of the curriculum that makes Doctor of Pharmacy graduates able to deliver effective and cost-efficient pharmaceutical care. Students can acquire the knowledge and skills in different specialties of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice such as drug information, internal medicine, critical care, ambulatory care, cardiology, infectious disease and clinical pharmacokinetics pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics and pharmacy management.
The Department of Pharmacy Practice contributes to the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University’s research mission through collaboration with colleagues from other departments in the college, other colleges at IAU and other health institutions inside and outside the KSA. Our faculty, interns and students are developing and conducting cutting edge research focusing on the improvement of patient care, medication safety and efficacy, adherence and the health-related quality of life.
The Department of Pharmacy Practice contributes to the community service mission through serving the community. The faculty, intern and students are engaged in different community services including promoting the awareness about different medications and other activities. These community campaigns targeted students in the schools, public in the malls and patients in the hospitals.


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