Research Summary

The College of Clinical Pharmacy (COCP) is committed to safeguarding the health of Saudis in particular and people around the world in general by accelerating research efforts to secure high standard pharmaceutical services in the Eastern Province and nationwide. This greatly supports Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) Goal to fulfill its responsibility toward the health and prosperity of the Eastern Province's population as well as the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

COCP is committed to providing an optimum environment for innovative research and creative activities. The main goal of COCP is to generate an environment of scientific research and discovery with a vision to develop knowledge and opportunities for economic development and improve the quality of life in our community.

COCP has obviously stated its research goals, objectives, and indicators to ensure its emphasis on the proposed research priorities. The research plan of COCP has been designed to fulfill the goals and objectives of IAU’s research strategic plan. COCP has taken steps to ensure research sustainability and to provide an environment where faculty and students can collaborate in research that will contribute to the economic development of the area and improve the health status of the population.

COCP uses its research facilities and IAU's Institute for Research and Medical Consultations (IRMC) as a platform to conduct research and to provide new innovations in industry and community clinical research.

COCP is a leading institute for research in Pharmaceutical practices and sciences. Our research focuses on improving human health through expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practices. COCP encourages research across all departments and recognizes the value and importance of focusing our research activities and resources on strategic themes which are applicable in the community. The College's theme integrates with its research capabilities, it captures the comprehensive areas of research at the College and fulfills the needs of our community. The College's comprehensive research theme is entitled:
"Drug development, characterization, formulation and establishment of therapeutic property with community-based applications"

Our research is grouped into two interdisciplinary research themes involving basic and clinical research at the interface of pharmaceutical sciences toward the understanding of diseases and the identification of new and improved therapies and diagnostics.

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Student Research

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