Academic Advising is considered an essential pillar and an important factor in the success of the educational process. It is assigned to the academic advising and counselling unit in the college, which works to guide and follow-up students during their study period by providing them guidance, advice, help, and assistance to understand the mission of the university and its objectives.

Academic Advising provides an appropriate environment so that students can discover their goals. Therefore, the college of Dentistry at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University has focused on all psychological, social, and academic aspects for the students to help them adapt to the university environment and provide opportunities for all students by providing them with academic skills that raise the level of their educational attainment through the academic supervisors who are assigned by the administration of the college in accordance with Article (41) of the regulation organizing the affairs of the faculty members, which focuses on following up several students from the moment they enter the college until graduation. This is usually done by the faculty member who is well informed, familiar with the study plans and the university regulations. This unit is directly linked to the vice dean of student affairs of the college.

Student counseling is provided for both male and female students by specialized full-time counselors at the college to help and guide them during their academic years


  • In the field of the educational process, especially in the university environment, academic guidance works to achieve the following objectives: 


    Provide the correct and appropriate information and explain the requirements of the university and college.  

  • Help and assist students on how to apply their future specialization. 
  • Clarifying the objectives and goals and working towards them. 
  • Guidance in the selection of courses, materials, and scientific and practical experiments. 
  • Clarifying the university’s policies and procedures. 
  • Evaluating the student’s academic progress. 

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